IRA rollover shows negative "Return YTD" when should be positive

Using the transfer function to perform a rollover from an IRA to an I401(k), the resulting Return YTD field is showing a very large loss rather than the gain it should show. Has anyone experienced this? Is there anything I can do to display the correct amount? There are hundreds of transactions that were "removed" or "added" in each of the accounts with the correct original cost and acquisition date. Why is it not calculated correctly? I know it will be fine next year (I did another rollover last year and the "Return YTD" is accurate this year).


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    This is in fact why I don't like the "Shares Transferred Between Accounts" function.

    What that function is doing is removing the shares from the old account, and then in the new account it is adding them back in with the correct cost basis.  This ensures that the cost basis is correct, but "return numbers" that are based on a "invested number" are all going to be wrong.

    The invested number is calculated from all those transactions that were left behind in the old account.

    So my current suggestion for rolling over accounts like this is deactivate the account from the old financial institution, and then reactivate it with the new one, and then clean up any duplicate transactions you might get.

    If it is a partial transfer you might look into using the new Move Transactions from the gear icon menu instead.  Moving all of the transaction from a given security to the new account.

    These approaches "change the history" in the sense that you don't have an account with the old financial institution's name on it for history purposes, but the calculations are all kept unchanged unlike what happens when you use "Shares Transferred Between Accounts".
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    Okay - I see, the "added" transactions do not differentiate between purchases and reinvestments of dividends, interest and capital gains. Also Q does not "see" dividends etc. that were not reinvested - in my case missing decades of returns. Quicken will not accurately provide any return information for these accounts now. Wow, I wasted a lot of time on this app over the years...