Quicken can't find stock - TSE:ZRE

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  • pbc
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    Thanks, had Quicken Support swap my membership over. Getting back to one of my other issues, I have this ETF in my portfolio:


    But when I enter TSE:ZRE, Quicken doesn't find the stock/ETF. Right now it has ZRE in there, which appears to be a penny stock (Zaklad Budowy something or other). I have clicked Toronto as the exchange, but just doesn't seem to find it. Probably the same issue I'm having with some other ETFs.

    How are folks putting their Wealthsimple accounts into the system and updating their values?
  • Gilles9
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    I do see TSE:ZRE when I add a security , it is "BMO Equal Weight REITs Index ETF"
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    Let's again ask the basic Q&A -
    1 - what version are you using - US or Canadian -
    as they are DIFFERENT with respect to how and where they obtain info from the investing world
    2 - are you using the Windows version or the MAC version ?

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

  • Gilles9
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    I use the Mac version
    [Removed - Inaccurate] only a choice under Quicken Preferences General to "Show features for ...either Canadian or US"

    if you do use Windows, then you are in the wrong section of discussions, this one is for "Quicken for Mac"
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