How to see transactions with categories that are not in your budget? (Q Mac)

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In Quicken for Mac, I created a budget, then in a transaction Quicken offers to use any budget category even if it's not actually in your budget, I chose a random one for testing purposes but when I go to my Budgets screen there is no indication I categorized something that's not in the budget. Am I missing something? If this happened by mistake it would go largely unnoticed unless I run a report.


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    You're not missing anything. Quicken Mac lets you decide which categories to include in your budget, and many people choose to show only certain categories in their budget. But if you want to see all categories with transactions, there's no automatic way to do that. You can include all your categories in your budget, and be sure to update your budget categories if you create new categories. 

    One of the frequent requests from Quicken Mac budget users is the option to have an "everything else" line in the budget, for transactions in categories not included in the budget. Such a feature has not yet been implemented, but you can add your vote to it by viewing this Idea thread
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    Thanks I voted for it.
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