Flaky stock price downloads?

:/ Is anyone experiencing flaky price downloads? I own 3 ETFs (AGG, ITOT and IXUS) that have behaved normally for years. Now it seems that price downloads for ITOT don't register. If I do an update using the button on the Investing Dashboard, the Today $ field goes to 0. If I then click on the Security and drill down into Edit Price History, prices are there and differ from yesterday. After closing the various dialog boxes, the value on the Dashboard reflects the appropriate price. Only ITOT does this. AGG and IXUS behave normally.

I removed the symbol, disconnected it from online information, deleted all price history, then redownloaded the past 5 years' history. (It retained prices associated with transactions.) It appears to have downloaded prices as expected. Unfortunately, that didn't fix the problem.



  • q_lurker
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    That sounds more like a problem with the dashboard. You say you are seeing a current price in the price history records. 
  • Jim_Harman
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    Are you referring to problems with the column titled Price Day Change? If so that is a known problem and we can provide a work-around. 

    If not, what is the exact name of the problem date and where you see it?
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  • @Jim_Harman It's the dashboard page (Investing tab> Dashboard> Today $ column) but the issue I'm seeing would affect the column you refer to if that's the one in the portfolio page, so it may be the same underlying problem.

    @q_lurker Yes, it's the dashboard and yes, I see correct prices in price history. After I go to the price history, the dashboard refreshes correctly. If I download updates using the update button on the dashboard page, it breaks again.

    On the topic of the the portfolio page, many of the column headers are missing. They were fine in the past. Is my view consistent with what other see? If not, should I reinstall?
  • q_lurker
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    Is my view consistent with what other see? 
    I see an improper $0 "Today$" value for one security (Monster Beverage) of more than 100 securities presented. 

    If I 'change' the dashboard setting from "All Securities" to "All Securities" (that is, no real change) the correct value appears.  If I redownload the quotes, the $0 values for that one security reappears.  

    I see this clearly as a flaw in the Dashboard.  While it does seem to parallel the Price Day Change consideration @Jim_Harman mentioned, I am not seeing that flaw in my data file at this time.     
  • OK. I'll refresh the list of selected securities as a faster workaround than drilling down into price history.
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