Lost download/update capabilities with Capitol One & CC-501 error code

I recently lost data download information on one of my 3 Capitol One accounts. Quicken would show 3 accounts updated but, only 2 would return account balances and transactions. The checking account would show $0 balance and no transactions to report even though it said all 3 accounts were checked.
Contacted Chat and agents had me deactivate/reactivate that account to no avail and try deactivating all the accounts with Capitol One. Now I have NO access to downloads/updates through Quicken. Reactivation attempts repeatedly return with a CC-501 error code, "Unable to connect with Quicken servers. Do not contact Capitol One as they can not help you. Please try again later" So, by their own words, this appears to be solely a Quicken issue & can't understand why it's taking so long to resolve server connection errors.


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