Is Quicken Mac 2017 compatible with Monterey

Biglouie Member
Staying old school with 2017. Is Monterey the end of the line?


  • John_in_NC
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    I can't confirm with certainty as I don't use 2017 as my daily driver, but I fired up a copy of 2017 and it runs and didn't show any issues under Monterey. 
  • Biglouie
    Biglouie Member
    Thanks! I got an answer through Quicken support that indicated no known compatibility issues. I will report back after running for a bit. But, I might be the last of the 2017 users.....
  • Desi43
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    Is Quicken 2017 for mac (4.8.6) compatible with Monterey?
  • jacobs
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    Desi43 said:
    Is Quicken 2017 for mac (4.8.6) compatible with Monterey?
    Did you read the posts in the thread before posting? Quicken doesn't actively test this discontinued version on new operating systems, but they, and we here in the user community, are not aware of problems. 
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