Current day's transactions not included in express web connect download

I've been downloading my transactions from my credit union for several years without any major issues. Several weeks ago I started missing transactions for the current day and would fail to reconcile. I could see them on the CU website and enter them manually to reconcile but they weren't coming down during the update process.

I have asked for help from tech support. We did all the usual things - validated the data file, disconnected and reconnected the web connection, and checked with the CU (community choice credit union in MI). No luck, the problem persists and is consistent.

Based on the knowledgecenter, you can't set a date range for download in express web connect so I assume it gets everything that's not "pending" on the account. And it had worked fine in the past.

Anyone ever see this or have any suggestions beyond what I've already tried?


  • splasher
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    My CU USED to download realtime, but they changed their website and I now have to wait until the next day to download any transactions.
    Could that be the issue with your CU?

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