Uncleared Report

How can I create a report of uncleared transactions? I know how to sort but I want a report.


  • garysmith87
    garysmith87 Member ✭✭✭✭
    From the sidebar, select either a group, sub-group or individual account.

    Within the register, select the Transactions tab. From the ANY STATUS dropdown, select Uncleared.  You can also filter accounts to include from within the Group or Sub-group by clicking on the Accounts dropdown.    

    Then FILE > PRINT.  Or CMD + P. 

    When you're done, select Clear Filters.

    You're welcome. 
  • VaBeachGirl
    VaBeachGirl Member ✭✭
    The purpose of the report was to get a total...unfortunately this does not provide a total. How would I accomplish that?
  • garysmith87
    garysmith87 Member ✭✭✭✭
    Same sorting and filtering as above...

    Instead of selecting FILE > PRINT, select FILE > EXPORT > Register transactions to csv file.

    Then open the csv file in Numbers or Excel and SUM from there.  
  • jacobs
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    @VaBeachGirl If you just need to know the total -- e.g.don't need it being on a printed report -- then set up the Uncleared filter as described above, click in the register and Select All to highlight all the uncleared transactions. The total of those highlighted transactions will be in the upper right, under the search box. Print the report and write in the total, if that is satisfactory for your needs. 
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