My 529s come in as IRAs?!?!?!

I have some accounts setup with Franklin Templeton Investments. When I go to set these up with add account, they all come in as 401k's with Quicken asking for the type of 401K. Only these are not 401k, but 529 education investment amounts. Quicken chat was absolutely USELESS. All they could do was tell me Franklin Templeton must be doing it wrong, and couldn't explain how its wrong and why I can ask them to help resolve this. Chat said there is no other option available. Is there a way I can switch this inside Quicken to a 529, or setup a blank 529 and enable imports or something without messing other things up?


  • Tom Young
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    Why don't you try first setting these Accounts up a "manual", unconnected Accounts.  Using that process you tell Quicken up front that these are 529 Accounts.  Then edit the Account and click on the Online Services tab and establish these Accounts for downloading from Franklin Templeton. 
    That process might preserve their identity as 529 accounts.
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