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I just downloaded my schwab brokerage transactions for the 1st time under the new process. The download sent many duplicate records from earlier in 2021 and 2020. I fired up a backup and switched the account settings to only download transactions since my prior download. That did not work. So, I called Quicken support. I was told to delete the Schwab account and reload it. That makes me nervous as I have multi-year transaction data. The alternative of removing lots of duplicates is not a good alternative.
Is deleting the Schwab account and reloading Quicken's recommended approach to fixing this error?


  • Frankx
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    Hi @Paul19

    You asked: "Is deleting the Schwab account and reloading Quicken's recommended approach to fixing this error?"

    It is difficult for us Quicken users to answer that question.  On first blush, I would probably consider it to be the recommended approach, since that is what Quicken Support apparently told you do.  But, given the fact that a number of users are all currently having problems with Schwab connections, and the fact that Quicken and Schwab are apparently working on updating the Quicken Infrastructure (according to Quicken) I would personally proceed cautiously.  So my advice would be to make sure you have a solid backup file before moving forward.


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  • jacobs
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    @Paul19 As Frankx said above, we don't know as fellow Quicken users, but I would be very reluctant to delete your existing Schwab account with years of transactions. It should not be necessary to delete an account which might have 3, 5, 10 or more years of history.  It seems highly unlikely that creating a new account will download your entry history, unless your history is short. As this has been an emerging issue over the past week or so, I also don't trust that all Quicken's support agents are fully up-to-speed on the issue and how to deal with it; they sometimes give out "nuclear" fixes without regard to what they may be disrupting in a customer's data file. 

    If you want to test, you could create a new file, set up your Schwab account, and see what downloads. I suspect you'll find it to be less than your entire history. Of course, when you return to your real data file, you'll have to try to re-connect Schwab again.

    Quicken and/or Schwab are clearly having problems getting the new connection method to work correctly, so I would not jump through hoops trying to get it working right away, at the risk of your historical data. I'd given them more time to try to get the issues fixed. You can enter transactions manually if you need to in your Schwab account in the meantime. 
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  • Paul19
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    thank you for the comments. I kept having trouble with duplicates across multiple files, not just Schwab. I called a second time to support without much success. I kept working with a backup file and found the duplicates would reappear after deleting, when I downloaded again. I called support a third time, and that was the charm! An extremely helpful, and knowledeable support tech solved my problem. I can detail if interested, but it is a surefire way to eliminate duplicate entries.
  • Rob41
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    @Paul19 Please do detail, if you may. I just re-linked my Schwab accounts in Quicken using the new method, and have a year's worth of random transactions re-downloaded in my accounts. Sounds likely the same thing that happened to you. I would love to get a lead on how to not have to comb through all of those downloaded transactions - hundreds of them.
  • Paul19
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    Sure. The support tech had me go to each account with duplicates and do the following: 1) go to lower right corner of transaction page, and click Columns. Check “Entries”. This will insert a column which shows the date the transactions are entered. In my case, nearly (see below why I say nearly) all of the transaction with an entry date of 11/15 were duplicate entries. I sorted the entries by Entry date. Then, highlighted and clicked the trash button to get rid of them. I had 5 accounts which for some reason had downloaded duplicates. Like you, I had hundreds. The above steps eliminated them.
    You may have legitimate transactions from the same date. In my case, I had a number of 11.15 entries that were valid. You can either hunt them down and keep them before you delete the rest. Or, do a mass deletion which eliminates them. If the latter, you will need to go back in and enter them manually.
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