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How do I create a new database for a business that is separate from my personal database. I have gone under "New" and created accounts but I would like to be able to back up and keep separate the two databases. Currently they fall under one quicken file.


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    In order to have two separate files;
    1. Go to File.
    2. Select New from the menu options.
    3. Choose Start from scratch and click Next.
    4. Click Next again when it asks if you would like to use Mobile & Web.
    5. Type in your financial institution name in the add accounts box.
    6. Enter your credentials and finish the prompts.

    Now you have a separate file for these accounts. You can easily switch between the two files by going to File>Open Recent. The first file listed is the one you are currently in, and the one right below it is the file you were in previous to this one. Essentially you will always be clicking on the second one. 

    I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns!

    Quicken Alyssa

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    You may also want to use Rename on the File menu to make your file names clear and distinct, such as "Personal" and "Business". And in Preferences > General, check the box for "Show file name in menu bar", so you can always look at the top of the window and be certain you've got the correct file open. 
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    And... when you want to switch between the databases, click menu File > Open Recent
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