Enable Direct Connect? [for Truist bank]

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How to I force Quicken to enable Direct Connect? (There's no "Advanced" button.)

Truist bank offers Direct Connect, but I'm unable to activate it within Quicken for Windows. I've deactivated and reset the account multiple times and Quicken continues to set the online services to Express Web Connect. Adding a new account and even an entire new Quicken file doesn't help either. I'm stuck with Express Web Connect.

Note: I know I need to subscribe to Quicken within my bank. That's not the issue. I can't get Quicken to even show a place to enable Direct Connect.



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    Direct Connect is not free for most banks. It may be that you need to pay the bank for the connection feature to be made available to Quicken. I would suggest contacting the bank to see if they charge.
    If that is the case, then the Account List should display "improve connection" for this bank.
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    No matter what that one person claims about turning it on at the financial institution's website, until it is officially in the fidir.txt file as Direct Connect you will not be able to connect using Direct Connect.

    The financial institution and Intuit have to get together and change this.  Intuit controls what is in the fidir.txt file that Quicken uses.
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    FYI - I'm paying my bank (Truist). I'm attempting to work through a branch manager to find a fix. I'm not confident.
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    No luck.