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I am surfacing this discussion:
For years I have been able to run reports and filter by memo. Ed Irving described the use case perfectly in the above post. I, too, use memos for trips.
Tags are not a good use for this scenario. First, I use tags for different family members; second, a tag stays in Quicken forever, and it is unlikely that I will need that tag again once a trip is completed.
We need to be able to filter by memo. This used to be possible. Quicken needs to bring it back.


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    Please go to this Idea thread requesting this functionality, and add your vote. You can also copy and paste your comment in that thread -- but the vote is important. (That Idea currently has 23 + 10 = 33 votes; there's no hard number, but I deal which get into the upper 30's and beyond are generally submitted to the development team for consideration.) The developers will never see a post like yours above, but they will see the Idea posts when they get enough critical mass. 
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