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Last week I had all of my files transferred from an iMac 2015 to an IMac 24" 2021 and all of my files for Quicken ended in 2017. I have spent HOURS myself and on the phone with representatives who have been of no help to find the missing years. This EXACT same thing happened in 2015 when I upgraded that machine! I was told by a Quicken representative that I would have to go back and enter all of that missing information again by each month and year. ~~~ This is it for me ~ Quicken has become too complicated to maintain and your representatives speak very poor English. Between trying to understand them and your program it just isn't worth the effort any long.


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    @Penick1958 First, understand that you are talking to fellow users here, along with a handful or moderators from Quicken; you're not talking to Quicken management here.

    To the actual problem... it sounds like there was either a lapse in the way your data was migrated to the new Mac, or perhaps you haven't found the correct file it it was migrated correctly. But let's be clear about one thing: data was not lost from within your data file. What you're describing indicates you are opening a data file which dates back to 2017. So it's possible your current data file was transferred, but you're not opening the correct data file, or it's possible your current data file was not transferred for some reason.

    Let's start with this question: do you still have the 2015 iMac? It's always a good idea when transferring to a new machine to hold onto the old machine (or a backup of it) for a few weeks until you make sure everything of value to you has bene transferred correctly. If you have the 2015 iMac, we can probably help you locate the correct data file and easily transfer it to the new Mac. 
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