Schwab Access Messed up

Today (11/20) I open my parents Quicken file.  I need revalidate their schwab account.  It connects.  Everything works.

I open my Quicken file which has 5 Schwab accounts linked and all hell breaks loose.  Details to follow.

OSU identifies I need to reauthorize Schwab.  Schwab subwindow opens where I enter my username and password and the following window is returned.

4 of the 5 accounts can be mapped to their existing Quicken accounts.  However, the 4th account in the screen shot cannot be linked to the correct Quicken account because the Schwab Margin account from Quicken is not in the list.  All other brokerage accounts are listed but not the one the account should actually be linked to.

So I cancel out of the entire set up because my only options (without being able to link the Margin account in Schwab to the Margin account in Quicken) is to set it up manually, don't add to Quicken, or create a new account.  I cancel because I don't want any of these issues to make it worse.

I download/install R37.25 (Under Help > Check for Updates Quicken did not identify I wasn't on this release).  I update branding and profile per this link

So now I have 5 Schwab accounts in Quicken and none of them are linked online.  So I go to the Schwab Checking account and enable online services, enter my Schwab username/password and it will not connect.  I get this message the first time.

I try again. Close Quicken.  Open Quicken.  I try to activate OSU and this is what I get.

Clearly it recognizes Schwab and is trying to connect but is asking me to enter a password on a screen that doesn't allow for the input of a password.

I go to OSU settings where I see Charles Schwab Bank (I mark this bank and enter the password) then I click Update Now and I get the following.  Notice the message identifies to "Enter the password" but you can see behind the main window the password already has been entered.

So, since I have 5 accounts with Schwab and cannot update any of them I'm a little grouchy at the moment.

Any help is appreciated


  • MrZipp
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    You hit the nail on my head with your so carefully documented case. I had all of the same yesterday. Hopefully, this will all be straightened out very shortly. I commented in a few other threads on the matter. Do you have access to the backup files before you started this? I don't know this to be at all the case, but perhaps starting back from Thursday's backup may be useful once it appears to be working. You asked for help, but all I can give you is the idea that you're not alone!!
  • mshiggins
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    Kevin, there is an announcement in the Lounge with what appears to be some useful advice on the Schwab issue. 

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  • EZ PZ
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    I am having the exact same issue, but I have a total of 13 Schwab accounts, so this is a nightmare! Quicken needs to solve this ASAP!

    Thank you for documenting the issue so thoroughly.
  • matthahn
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    Following... Having same issue.... 5 accounts, one is missing when I tried to Re-authorize. I can't get it to link to a schwab account... neither its master account nor the account I use to manage all our schwab accounts.
  • Andrew Jarabak
    Andrew Jarabak Windows Beta Beta
    Having exactly the same issue except I get to the block that he got that asks for passwords but my block is blank and just sits there.
  • matthahn
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    I noticed that on my master Schwab Account, ( if I go into Security Profile for the account the missing account is listed in the Quicken Access, it was previously... I cannot figure out how to include it in this list, although I do have full access to it in the account I'm logged in with. Anyone else seeing this and figure out out to get it back?

    Searching for "quicken" on schwabs help area results in nothing at the moment..
  • K.O. (Win-Premier)
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    So I waited a week to see if Quicken/Schwab could get this straightened out.  Still no success in setting up online access.  Now here is what I get when I try to connect my accounts to Schwab.  Notice it is still trying to connect to zzz-Charles Schwab and also notice the extremely informative message I get from Quicken.  And I cannot dismiss/close this mystery window.  I have to use Task Manager to kill Quicken :(

    This is getting frustrating to say the least.

  • Same thing for me-locks up, have to use ctl-alt -del to get out,
  • macSBLA
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    I have had the same issues. I was able to re-connect to Schwab however now when I attempted to download transactions it is downloading multiple Schwab account transactions in the wrong accounts and downloading transactions as far back as early 2020 that have already been downloaded and reconciled. I am also getting downloaded transactions that are "near match". I have had tried several times and am now having to use a backup file because the problems with downloads that have messed up my Schwab files.
  • GeezerGeek
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    > @K.O. (Win-Premier) said:
    > So I waited a week to see if Quicken/Schwab could get this straightened out.  Still no success in setting up online access.  Now here is what I get when I try to connect my accounts to Schwab.  Notice it is still trying to connect to zzz-Charles Schwab and also notice the extremely informative message I get from Quicken.  And I cannot dismiss/close this mystery window.  I have to use Task Manager to kill Quicken :(
    > This is getting frustrating to say the least.

    I also ran into that problem with Quicken trying to link to the old Schwab connection. I was able to get around that problem by deleting the Financial Institution name on the "Account Detail, General" screen. After deactivating all my other Schwab accounts and removing the Financial Institution name on their "Account Detail, General" screen as well, I was prompted to select the Financial Institution and go though the Schwab authorization.
    I did run into the same problem that you encountered in your first post to this discussion: One of the accounts was not listed on the link to existing account selection. I left it as "Link to existing account" without selecting an account. The connection process found the missing account, linked to it, and downloaded all of the transactions.
    As others have noted, the first time I successfully connected, I got a lot of old transactions that had already previously downloaded. I deleted the "Near Matches" and the "New" transactions that were not really new, then I just accepted all of the Matches with the Accept All button. Because I still was having problems connecting to the Schwab accounts, I went through the Deactivation/Activation process a second time, after which it looked like the connection process was fixed. The second time through, I didn't get all of the old transactions.
    I still don't think all things are working with the connection yet and Quicken is aware of at least one problem with the account balances for Schwab not downloading. The Update Summary screen does show that Quicken is linking to my Schwab accounts, which is something it wasn't doing when transaction were failing to download.
    I feel your pain because I have experienced it too. This is probably the worst implementation of a Quicken change I've experienced, to the best of my memory. I'm a 30 year plus Quicken user so I've got a lot to remember.
    I hope that helps. Good luck!
  • GeezerGeek
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    I might add that I was only able to the Schwab connection to work after reverting back to R36.45. Here is the Quicken page with a link to that patch.
  • K.O. (Win-Premier)
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    Thanks @GeezerGeek.  

    Quicken Reps --> I'm still unable to connect any of my Schwab accounts.  I deactivated all Schwab accounts from OSU.  I removed the financial institution from each account.  I selected 1 account and tried to link it online, selected Charles Schwab & Co Inc as the FI.  And proceeded to get stuck in a loop where Quicken asked me for my ID/User Name and password.  I enter that information which then leads to a spinning blue circle and an immediate "Charles Schwab & Co. Inc requires you to sign in using their secure authentication system to connect to Quicken" then I click [Next] then it takes me back to Quicken's Add Account window.  Over and over and over.  It never invokes the actual Schwab authentication window.

    @Quicken Sarah  This is REALLY getting old
  • mitch.trumpetwin
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    Hmmm... I just did a comment and it did not appear. My apologies if this gets done twice. 

    @K.O. (Win-Premier Try this. De-activate the schwab accounts. exit quicken. re-install 36.45. Go into Quicken. set up on-line access. I believe that the re-installation initializes something that we are unable to do. Good luck.
  • My Schwab account are so messed up, I tried loading a backed up file with no luck, deactivated them all and reactivated and it updated the wrong accounts, it is really messed up.
  • Clemantine1
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    I have used Quicken for many years and have never had such a miserable problem [Removed-Disruptive]
  • JDB
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    I have used qicken for year, tried before thanksgiving to update with schwab. Gave up, went away and tried today. I have 5 separate quicken files, all separate entities. Now when i tried to update, all the files go into each other when they are not related, different tax id
    it was working fine for year, so frustrating. question can quicken have different schwab file it appear they all want to go into one file and i dont get the option to select whick i want for each separate tax id file?
  • MontanaKarl
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    @JDB Yes, you can continue as before with multiple Quicken data files in either Windows (QDF) or Mac.

    Miraculously, I got all of my files working today.

    I am trustee for a testamentary trust with its own EIN that has brokerage and bank accounts and has its own QDF in Windows - and also in Mac as I've been running both in parallel for over a year as part of testing.  My personal accounts, and those of my wife, are connected to our main data file.

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  • mikeweberatl
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    I am not sure exactly what kind of account the original poster is trying to link since I don't know what a separate "margin" account is (outside of a Brokerage account with margin), however if his account is not in the list it may be because the type of account the Broker wants to link it to is different than his existing Quicken Account. For example, my Pledged Asset Line account at Schwab is set-up in my Quicken as a "Checking" type account but when I try and link it, Schwab wants to link it to a "Credit Card" account. Therefore, I cannot link it where I want it, but I can make a new account.
  • Mike Harris
    Mike Harris Member
    I am so ANGRY with Quicken and to some extend Schwab over this. Reauthorizing and linking Schwab accounts has been a week-long nightmare wasting hours of my time. I finally got it to authorize some accounts, but it skipped the page that lets me choose to link them to existing accounts, so it created all new accounts. I deleted these and then spent an hour fixing all of the transactions in the two accounts that did match (Schwab problem by changing transaction types from previous download). I then tried to add the remaining Schwab accounts thinking that I should not select the accounts that were already linked, and of course it removed the online access for those as well as again skipped the page to link to existing accounts. What a total piece of garbage.
  • Mike Harris
    Mike Harris Member
    Also, if you press backspace at the Schwab Password prompt, it cancels out of the whole process.
  • K.O. (Win-Premier)
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    So after spending 30 minutes on chat with support they were able to get my schwab accounts linked.  Unfortunately the checking and saving accounts are downloading but the margin/brokerage account is not but I'll start a new thread for that and most likely have to get back on chat with support.
  • Mike Harris
    Mike Harris Member
    It's still not popping up with the dialog that lets me link to existing accounts. Instead it automatically creates new accounts. How can I fix this?
  • MontanaKarl
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    It's still not popping up with the dialog that lets me link to existing accounts. Instead it automatically creates new accounts. How can I fix this?
    I have had the same issue ... with all builds, even the current 37.37 but have a workaround.

    I was able to get the add/link/ignore dailog ONLY by going through the process as if I were adding a new account - clicking the + in the account list header, for example.  Trying to activate or reset and existing account always fails for me - never shows the dialog to link, and doesn't link the account that I'm trying to activate/reset.  THAT is a Quicken bug and cannot be blamed on Schwab.

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