My credit card is downloading my charges as credits rather than debits to the account. (Q Mac)

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My credit card is downloading my charges as credits rather than debits to the account. It was downloading everything correctly until yesterday. Unsure what's going on. Any help appreciated.


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    To start, you need to share what credit card you're having this problem with.

    Have you recently changed your Quicken connection method with this credit card, or is everything unchanged?

    Click on one of the downloaded transactions and select View > Transaction Inspector. At the bottom, in the From Your Financial Institution section, there is a Statement Amount. Higher up in the middle of the window, there is Amount. Do these both show a negative value, or is one negative and one positive, or are they both positive? 
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    It is a Visa with Truist bank. I hadn't changed the connection type but yesterday when ut started this I deleted the account and added it back. I then did an update and it downloaded several transactions that had been previously downloaded---but the new downloads were credits instead of debits. I had hoped it was fixed but this morning when I updated it downloaded the new transaction as a credit not debit as it should have been. The inspector shows both amounts as positive. Thanks so much.
  • I’m having the same issue with Truist Bank, not only with Quicken but Quickbooks too , I am a bookkeeper and it’s happening with multiple clients on different computers so in my opinion it is a Truist issue and when I call, They refuse to address. (Only Truist accounts and all on desktop)
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