Is the Cash Flow Report summary accurately reflecting my transfer to my 401K?

I see my Paycheck as gross in INFLOWS. I see the taxes and insurance deducted in OUTFLOWS. When I include transfers in the summary, I see the transfer to my 401K along with many other transfers. However, the transfers do not seem to effect the bottomline total. Is my transfer to the 401 actually being deducted from my gross paycheck in this summary? I feel like the paycheck is not being fully netted out.


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    When you add transfers to reports, keep in mind that if you have ALL accounts in the report, the transfer out of one account will be offset by the transfer into the opposite account, so there will be no bottom line impact from he transfers. To see your total change, you need to selectively remove one or more accounts from the report setup, and make sure your report Advanced tab is set to "Include only transfers with accounts outside of report". In this case, it sounds like you'll want to exclude the 401k account from the report. That way, it will show only the outflow from your checking account to the 401k account.
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