When will Quicken for Mac get Lender Loan ability?

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Quicken for Windows has had the ability to make lender loans (loans where you can track a loan that YOU made to someone else, including amortization, repayment to you, etc.) for years. Quicken for Mac *still* does not have this feature. When can we expect to see it?


  • jacobs
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    No one here can answer that. This is a user support forum, with help from a few Quicken moderators. The developers and company management do not monitor and read these posts. Also: they never state which new features will be coming in any particular timeframe. 

    There is an Idea thread (a request for a feature) about this capability here. If you haven't done so previously, please take a second to visit this thread and add your vote for it. More votes here will result in the idea being pushed to the developers. 
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