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Hi, I am trying to create a comparison report summing up 2 different currency accounts. Say, I have a USD and CAD account and income and expenses in both. I would like to have a consolidated view of income and expenses. In the Windows version it works perfectly but in Mac, it seems that you have to select the currency in your report and then it will create the report in that currency, pulling only the accounts in the currency you select. Is there any other way? I have been using Quicken for Mac for 2 months and still couldn't figure it out. Thank you!


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    Quicken Mac unfortunately does not have full support for multi-currencies yet. The developers have promised that this is planned for the future, but there's no way to know when we'll actually see such functionality released. 

    You can view the long-running thread about Multi-Currency support in Quicken Mac by clicking here. You'll see this post has more than 370 votes, and has been marked by the developers as "Planned" for the future.
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