Slow Download and Backup?

Since recent updates (I'm running QMac 6.4.4) it seems the program takes significantly longer to download transactions from my accounts. It also takes significantly longer to backup. I don't have any way to know for sure it relates to the recent updates, with announced changes to the protocols for online connection to financial institutions, but I wonder if others are having these issues?



  • jacobs
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    I'm not experiencing any slowdowns with version 6.4.4.

    Two quick things to check:

    1) Pull down the Window menu and look at the bottom -- under "Sync Errors" -- to see if you have any other Quicken windows open. Quicken Mac unfortunately makes it all too easy to open registers and/or reports and end up with them hidden from view behind the main screen, so you're not even aware they're open. This can result in slow behavior when launching and entering transactions.

    2) Is your Quicken data file stored on any cloud service, such as Dropbox or iCloud? (iCloud could be in play if you have your file in your Desktop or Documents folder, and have macOS set to store those folders in iCloud.)

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  • nicksartor
    I'm having the same problem using Quicken Deluxe version 6.4.4 on a iMac running Mac OS Catalina 10.15.6 Takes FOREVER to do anything even super simple like change a category on an expense entry. 30 seconds of beach ball. I'm at my wits end. Will check out if iCloud is the problem but it all seemed to happen after the most recent quicken "upgrade"
  • nicksartor
    Thanks to jacobs for comment. Not exactly sure what I did but I checked by right-clicking on the Quicken icon in the dock and it appears I was running two files at once. I had recently been working on another computer and had backed up the file. Quicken was running so slow on the laptop I thought it might be the computer so re-backed it up on the laptop, saved the file to iCloud, and then restored it on the iMac. Still was super slow. Right clicked on the dock icon and saw both files listed but I couldn't tell if they were both running or not. Tried to force quit from there but didn't close the program. Did a command-opt-esc to get to force quit and successfully quit quicken. Re-opened program and Voila - seems fine now.
  • R Strax
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    Thanks Jacobs for your reply and help. Unfortunately I have to say that I have no other Quicken files or windows open, just one file in the transaction window. I do have a cloud backup but there have been no changes there in more than a year. This slowdown behavior just started more recently, I believe about the time that Quicken said they were instituting a new protocol for financial institution communication. Naturally I related the two, but who knows? If this is a unique problem for me I'll live with it or try deleting and reinstalling. 

    Thank you, and everyone in the Community, for taking time to help out!
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