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  • I found that if you turn off the express web download and download manually from the website in quicken format it does reconcile correctly. I experimented quite a bit with different techniques. Also found that the first time you do an express web download it modifies the accounts opening balance. I tried fixing the opening balance to what was on the account before the express web download, which presented the correct balance but still wouldn't reconcile due to the download using the uncleared transaction total instead of the clear transaction total. For the life of me, I can't figure out why neither truist nor quicken seems to fix this very repeatable bug.....
  • Finally! Other people with my issue! Every time I am 'FORCED" to use express web connect, my file is corrupted, and I end up having to rebuild my entire account. I've had this issue several times, and I"m over it! Who can help me fix it/work around it/anything to be able to balance my accounts in the year 2022. I REFUSE to revert to manually balancing my accounts.
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    > @johnaclark6 said:
    > Four days later and no word from submitting via "Report a Problem." [Removed - Speculation] Not even an auto-reply back. [Removed - Disruptive]

    I see they have plenty of people to moderate my posts...just nobody that can get to the bottom of an obvious problem in the reconciliation process.
  • Good morning - 2 things - I had Bill Manager working disliked it and removed all the bills from the Bill Manager page ,and now I would like to try it again but can not get my Checking accounts that have been verified one time before to be added back in - this has been escalated to the Data people in Quicken - I have been working on that problem for 4 weeks
    NOW to the problem at hand -------- Since the Merger of the two Banks _ BB&T & SunTrust - its been tough for a lot of people - I had Direct Connect - now I'm stuck with the Web Express Connect option - started a new account in Quicken from TRUIST and it download nicely - were they got the opening balance is a mystery to me - 89-90 days worth of transactions which were correct so I balanced my account - I did NOT link it to my SunTrust account - My SunTrust account has no access to the web since I - of course ,stop that connection ---but now the opening balance in the new Truist account is off by $30 after a few days - How did the opening balance get changed ???????? I used what was download from Truist ......... IF THE OPENING BALANCE WOULD STAY THE SAME - it should NEVER change I can live with WEB EXPRESS - I don't want to pay through Direct Connect nor do I want to pay the bank to have it - TD Bank offers it all for " ZERO COST ' --- I never closed my accounts there ,so I am going to work WITH QUICKEN not against them to fix this - it has to be a software issue . Please do not stop trying to fix this problem "WE" all have to call TRUIST & QUICKEN and not let this drop - yesterday I spent 3 hours with a advanced tech from QUICKEN, that called me back from a week ago scheduled, appointment for my problem on Bill Manager. I was not able to address the problem with Web Express .

    Lets keep the faith and keep the pressure on the right people to fix this
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    The first step in solving a problem is admitting there's a problem. So far, nobody will admit they have a problem. Truist says it's Quicken and Quicken says it's Truist. Everything works fine for me with exception of the pending transactions being included in the online balance.

    I did have an issue when I made the switch to web connect where the opening balance had an issue. I don't recall what I did to sort that out but I think it sorted itself other than the reconciliation process.
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    Our workaround is on Monday of next week are closing all our Truist accounts and moving to an bank that works with Quicken!
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    According to Post "Truist - Downloaded transactions using wrong balance for reconciling" Truist sends Quicken both pending and posted balances. Quicken is using the wrong one and needs to fix this ASAP!
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    > @"Quicken Jasmine" said:
    > Hello All, 
    > Please go to report a problem and send your logs over to Quicken so this issue can be escalated. Can you please also include screenshots of your balance in Quicken versus your balance on the bank's website? 
    > If needed, please refer to this Community FAQ for instructions on how to attach a screenshot. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop screenshots to your response if you are not given the option to add attachments.
    > Please let us know once you have taken these steps. 
    > Thank you all for your continued patience and support as we work to resolve this issue. 
    > Quicken Jasmine

    Unlike Suntrust, Truist reports pending balances instead of posted balances to Quicken. Quicken users cant Reconcile as pending amounts have not been downloaded. You need to deliver posted balance rather than available balance to Quicken

    I believe Truist reports both balances. See

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    As of today, I'm beyond frustrated. While Truist was making the conversion, they lost the ability to reconcile my monthly statement for a couple of months. However, last month, it worked to perfection. As someone stated, they made use of a Suntrust reconciliation page. Unfortunately, I tried to reconcile my April statement this morning, and I can't even get to the "reconcile" command, so somebody is fooling around with the software.
    I don't update Quicken via the info on Truist. I update Quicken manually, and when I get my Truist paper statement, I compare it online with my checking account records. This worked perfectly with Suntrust for decades. It worked with Truist for one month.
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  • Is there a bank that works with quicken bill manager or is it a total sham