Inability to change date to next year on bill reminder

I have a bill reminder for US Federal estimated tax payments (1040-ES).
These were set up to be quarterly and automatically are reproduced every 3 months; however, there is a 4 month gap between payments #3 and #4.  This means that I need to update / change the date on the next (December) scheduled bill reminder to the actual date of (holiday adjusted) January 18th 2022.  When I do this, it tells me the date for the reminder is invalid.  I've never seen this error before and hopefully Quicken can squash this bug.  Anyone else had this issue? (maybe because in a different year?)


  • Sherlock
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    edited November 2021
    I suggest you set the reminder to pay estimated taxes: press Ctrl + J, right-click on the reminder, select Edit this instance and all future instances, change to the right of the Due next on:, to pay estimated taxes in the How often: pull-down menu, OK, and Done.

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