Schwab Connection Still Doesn't work

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Do we have an ETA? I've followed all suggested steps and it still doesn't work as of 11/22


  • erick.marrero
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    Hello all. I'm trying to add my Schwab Community Property (Brokerage) account to Quicken but it is not working. The Quicken version is 6.4.4 in Mac. To add the account I'm going to + > Brokerage >Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

    The message I'm getting is "Charles Schwab is changing the way Quicken connects to your account". The only options are "Cancel" and "Learn More". I understood that the connection method was changing back in version 6.4.3. Is there anyone else with this issue?
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    I'm wondering if perhaps the bottom of that pop-up message/dialog is not visible on your screen?  It worked fine for me... there is a "Next" button below the "Learn more...." link.   Or at least there was a week ago.  Clicking that results in a pop-up with a mini-version of the Schwab web site login.
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  • erick.marrero
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    I double checked but no, seems like there is nothing below the "Learn more" button. Unfortunately I can't post a screenshot.
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    I double checked but no, seems like there is nothing below the "Learn more" button. Unfortunately I can't post a screenshot.
    I assume you are getting this dialog: 

    It appears your connections have not been transitioned to the new method yet.

    1) Have you waited the five business days since you updated Quicken to v6.4.4?

    Note that because of the extensive problems with this transition, the five business days may be a bit optimistic on Quicken's part.

    2) Have you been actively downloading transactions from Charles Schwab?

    If not, then Quicken may not recognize that your account needs transitioning.

    3) Back on Oct 29th, Quicken Kathryn posted that during the transitioning:

    if you are trying to add a new Charles Schwab account, or if you try to deactivate and reactivate an existing Charles Schwab account, you will be unable to until the final service cutover is complete

    4) You should Bookmark this Alert from the Quicken staff to follow progress of the transition:

     UPDATED 11/12/21 Upcoming Changes to Charles Schwab Accounts — Quicken


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    Caught up in the disastrous Schwab conversion. Schwab accounts are corrupted. I have decided to delete all and start over. 2 deleted successfully, but the other two seem to be locked. Assuming it has something to do with the Schwab re-authorization process, which for me is stuck in a loop. Get so far and the only button remaining is "Return to Quicken". When attempting to "delete account", then typing "yes" nothing happens. Using R37.25. Anyone have a clue as to how to get "Delete Account" to work?
  • erick.marrero
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    Hi Ihossus,

    Thanks for your reply. Very helpful.

    And yes, that's the dialog I'm getting. I have been able to download transactions from Schwab, but only from my checking account. I opened ~2 months ago along with the community property account and that's the account I can't connect to. It's been a few weeks now since I upgraded Quicken, so I might just need to keep waiting until the final service cutover.


  • dmt9054
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    Yes, caught up in the same mess, can't resolve, have tried restoring a backup followed all Quicken recommendations and NADA. When you were able to delete the accounts and start over did it work?
  • Frankx
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    Hi @BaywayRic

    Have you considered restoring a backup file from just before you attempted the "re-authorization process"?  It seems like that would fix the "stuck in a loop" issue.


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  • After the Schwab conversion my two Schwab accounts were w mess. Duplicate entries and "adjustments" to balance. I sorted them and then after an update one account was sort of OK, the other was missing a lot of investments. I deleted that account and reset up. Went through the connection process again. Now that account is blank, except for the cash balance. There are no connection errors. Quicken is just not pulling the info over. I have been working on this for days and now holding for 30 minutes for a supervisor. Any ideas anyone?
  • jimaikins
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    Restoring "clean" back-up files does not fix. Unable to de-activate Direct Connect for one Schwab account. Unable to even find on Schwab account .....Disaster
  • BaywayRic
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    Have not tried restoring a back-up. dmt9054 indicates that will not work. I have deleted two accounts and still have two which are "stuck." So, have not started over yet. At the Schwab end (security center) one of my accounts has disappeared. Which is also one of the accounts that is "stuck."
  • GAE
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    I'm having same problems (required to re-authorize for every download, transactions not being updated, etc.) so frustrating
  • aspen12
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    With the recent change in downloading account information from Schwab into Quicken, Quicken App no longer asks for a password. Is this process less secure than before?

    I'm particularly concerned because I understand the "Schwab Security Guarantee" doesn't apply once I designate Quicken's access to my Schwab accounts as Authorized.
  • villegas10
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    I need help..I have followed all the troubleshooting. I have quicken for Mac subsription. Data isn't downloading from my Schwab account.
  • I'm having the same problem. Have twice disconnected and reconnected after logging off of Quicken and then logging back on. Have gone into Keychain and deleted my login info. Have tried everything I could find on the community with no answer. Can anyone provide a solution????
  • Kim Thurman
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    Same here! I'm continually getting "Download Error (-28) QCS_SERVER_ERROR" no matter how many times I've disabled my account connection and re-enabled it. I'm on the most current version of Quicken for Mac (6.4.4) and I've already tried signing out of my Quicken account and back in.