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anyone using "Charles Schwab Bank - Investor C"?

MichaelG Member ✭✭
Only way I can get the "new" Schwab server to recognize my Quicken for Windows accounts is if I use "Charles Schwab Bank - Investor C" instead of the default Charles Schwab and Co. But, while this server only updates Checking and Savings accounts -- it doesn't update transactions in investment accounts. Anyone else seeing this?


  • redexces
    redexces Member ✭✭
    Yes, I posted this yesterday:

    All brokerage accounts were listed in 'Investor C' and connected via Express Web Connect+ but transactions do not update after the initial sync up.
  • dwatsonpt
    dwatsonpt Member ✭✭
    I tried all the suggestions, to no avail. But, this last time, I opened the Account List from the Tools. Then I clicked on the activate downloads from the Transaction Downloads column. And it worked. I no longer got the endless loop. All but one of my accounts were updated. Now I just have to weed through the list, delete them before I accept any new transactions. Getting there, but it has not been fun.
  • MichaelG
    MichaelG Member ✭✭
    I don't see the "activate downloads" option. All I see is Edit Account, Go to Account, and a grayed our Activate Bill Pay
  • fp
    fp Member ✭✭✭
    I too go it to work with "Investor C"
    I confirmed with Schwab that this is a legitimate Schwab web site.

    I am on the phone with Schwab technical support who promises me they can fix it
  • fp
    fp Member ✭✭✭
    Investor C worked for all of my brokerage accounts today. Will see if it works tomorrow.

    I was able to contact higher level Schwab support through my broker. He walked me through these same steps, but cannot explain why "Investor-C" is working and Schwab&co is not. He thinks it may eventually re cycle to Schwab&co, but was surprised it was not instantaneous

    I used the following steps ( similar to above) .

    Go to Tools> online with a Schwab account open in transactions.

    Hold down "ctrl shift" and click on "contact information"

    New box should appear

    "refresh Online Transaction Information"

    Click "Financial Institution Branding" and Download F1 list"

    Click "refresh"

    Then "Update/Send"

    I will try to deactivate the account and reactivate it tomorrow if the next days update transactions does not work
  • MichaelG
    MichaelG Member ✭✭
    The steps outlined above work initially -- establishing/verifying securities in the account. But subsequent updates do nothing. Even though the investment accounts seem to be updating, they aren't. OSU report doesn't include them. And today's update didn't change the situation.
  • fp
    fp Member ✭✭✭

    I got Ivestor C to work this AM but only as a Bank, not an investment account

    See my other posts on "Solution to Schwab". and "Schwab Transaction errors" where I posted a summary so far

    I reached a knowledgeable guy in tech at Schwab who says they started transitioning to this new bank type authorization last month, because it is more secure and does not share our passwords with Quicken. That is when the "zz" started showing up.

    He admits Quicken has yet to fix it.

    Yesterday, with his help I was able to download my transactions using "Schwab Bank Investor-C" one of the options that pops up it you type "schwab" into the search bar at "Add an account". Others have used this successfully here on the boards.

    This morning I am still able to download transactions , but only from Investor C, per above and all as bank account transactions. I am able to edit them to "sales" and reinvestments

    Deactivating the account and using Schwab & Co to log in gives me the CC-501 error message, where all this started.

    So nothing has really changed, other than I have accurate balances in my accounts and can edit transactions by hand.

    I will touch base with schwab and when I have the entire day to spend will try Quicken support
  • MichaelG
    MichaelG Member ✭✭
    Quicken Sarah's instructions -- just posted on this issue -- did make a difference. New investment transactions are NOT downloaded, but they now cause a "securities comparison mismatch" which wasn't there before. And, given that "reconcile shares" has disappeared from the menu, there's no way to recreate the "securities comparison mismatch" warning.
  • 808IUFan
    808IUFan Member ✭✭
    I was told NOT to use the Investor checking entry and use Charles Schwab & Co, Inc. and can now download transactions. I only have a checking account left, but all history for 5 years is gone. Quicken said that was supposed to be fixed by 12/10/21 but it is not. Their long apology email means nothing to me considering I am paying a yearly fee for this to work. Now really the only reason I have Quicken, which was to have have a searchable record of every transaction, is all lost.
  • MichaelG
    MichaelG Member ✭✭
    Same situation as fp above: two things happen when I d/l a Schwab investment account:
    1. everything comes in as a bank account transaction. So a sale comes through as a deposit and a purchase as a withdrawal.
    2. Because changes in holdings are not seen as purchases or sales, every change results in a securities comparison mismatch.

    Getting closer and closer to MYMWIN as transactions need to be edited by hand. Is MYMDOS right around the corner?
  • MichaelG
    MichaelG Member ✭✭
    Newest wrinkle (polite way of saying something else): Quicken doesn't see fixed-income securities held in investment accounts. So it assumes the securities were sold, but the sale transactions weren't downloaded and offers to remove them -- through a placeholder transaction. This applies to both bonds, preferred stocks and the only way to tell within Quicken if there was a legitimate sale is to look for a cash deposit bearing the name of the security/
  • MichaelG
    MichaelG Member ✭✭
    Life would be a lot easier if "reconcile shares" was restored for investment accounts.
  • MichaelG
    MichaelG Member ✭✭
    Though Quicken Kathryn announced recently that the Schwab problems have been resolved, that's not what I'm seeing in my dataset. Followed all of her instructions (downloading newest patch, deactivating and then reactivating) and:
    1. Linking to Schwab & Co. products the "oops" it did previously -- Investor C does work.
    2. More importantly, the program still only sees investment transactions as cash deposits and withdrawals, not purchases, sales, reinvestments, dividends, interest etc.
    3. Equally important, it still doesn't see fixed-income securities (bonds, preferred stocks, etc.) held by Schwab and offers to create placeholders for them.
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