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I followed the steps outlined to reauthorize the Schwab accounts and it resulted in duplicates of the accounts being downloaded in some cases though not all, and this means that none of the new versions have the historical categories, memos etc that I have added over many years. How do I combine them and make sure that old version is what is kept? I have tried to call but have been on hold for a while, so suspect I am not alone with this or other Schwab related problems.


  • I just updated by Schwab accounts, and I have the same problem. How do I merge the "old" and "new" Schwab accounts, so the history and transactions are consolidated?
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    Not sure how many people are seeing what I am encountering, but after reactivating my 5 Schwab accounts I now have over 650 duplicate transactions downloaded. The current Quicken support response is to go through them and delete them, one-by-one. I have been through this before with past Quicken changes. Anyone have a work-around?
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    EDIT:  I would guess that everyone is going to run into this.  When you change from one connection type to another the unique Id Quicken uses to know if it has already downloaded the transaction usually changes.  The result is that Quicken thinks the transaction is new and doesn't block it.

    For non-investment accounts you there is an option to select deleted multiple transactions from the Downloaded transactions tab.  For investment account this option doesn't exist.

    What you will have to do for the investment accounts is accept the transactions into the register and then you can use the gear menu in the upper right to select Edit Multiple Transactions.  You can select/delete multiple transactions in this window.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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    I am having the exact same issue..
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    Been following the Schwab issues. I have the following issue. Every time I do an account update, I get a notice that it has added over 1500 new transactions across multiple separate Schwab accounts each and every time I do an update. I get the "new transaction" notice on each account, however I don't get duplicate transactions in the register. I have the latest Quicken download, R36.45, I've deleted all of my Schwab accounts, re-authorized them several times, tried building a brand new Quicken file and reverted back to my original file. This was occurring on my Schwab and Vanguard accounts, but Vanguard went back to normal after I deleted, re-authorized and reloaded the account.
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    Likewise, Schwab re-authorization process created new/duplicate accounts, though not for all? What seems to have been missing was the typical 'popup' screen where a downloaded account cand be either added/ignored or 'linked' to an existing account.' Have already 1) checked for updates (on current version); 2) validated, repaired & exited; 3) super-validated, repaired & exited; etc. Need to be able to continue with original accounts since over 20 years of transactions.
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    OK, not an elegant solution, but it worked! 1) Make a backup (via <File><Copy or Backup>; 2) then 'create a copy' also via <File><Copy or Backup>. Hint: you can always open/use the copy initially as a 'test' before deciding to have it become your 'master' copy going forward. Suggest running some Account Balance/Net worth reports and/or looking at the jotting down the 'ending balance' in the total account list to confirm that the copy includes all of the data.
    In the copy, all download 'connections' will show that you need to 'activate download' (though the financial institution & account numbers will remain). The difference is that when you choose to 'setup' the accounts once again & enter your password, etc., you will FINALLY see the 'Add/Ignore/Link to existing account' screen which was definitely missing when I initially re-activated my Schwab accounts, and thus allowed the accounts to become duplicated. This screen allows you to choose 'link to existing account' and then choose which account the downloaded transactions should be associated with to avoid Quicken adding an entirely new account.
    Meanwhile: 1) yes, you may still get duplicate transactions for the previous 12 months, but these can be deleted (Best if you reconcile the accounts before the initial download) but far better than entire duplicate ACCOUNTS and 2) if you're using Norton VPN, you may need to temporarily turn it off for the initial setup (or Quicken will tell you that Charles Schwab doesn't exist and that the account will need to be setup 'manually')