Charles Schwab Update Corrupting my Account History

After doing my best to follow through with the "Account Update" procedures for Charles Schwab, I am finding many issues. I have several accounts with Schwab, including a checking account and multiple brokerage accounts. After the update, there were 274 new downloaded transactions. In addition, several hundred transactions that had been previously reconciled, going back to July 2020, are now corrupted. The once-reconciled transactions -- including my personal notes, transfer accounts, and transaction splits -- have been replaced with generic transactions downloaded from Schwab.

Many of these transactions were transfers to other account, including loan payments, etc. So this means the balances of all of my accounts are now wrong. Also, many paychecks that once had all of the payroll deductions itemized and categorized for tax purposes are now just in a single category called "PAYCHECK". It will take hours to sort out this mess!

How can I re-establish connectivity with Schwab without altering my past transactions?


  • cofraz
    cofraz Member ✭✭
    Same issue here, corrupting both my Schwab and any accounts with transfers to/from a Schwab account. No interest in spending hours fixing my history because the update decided to change my past transactions. How do we get a fix to re-establish connectivity that doesn't alter past transactions or re-download everything from May 2021 to the current date? Would be great if it looked at the last download date for the Schwab accounts the update renames and used that date for transaction downloads.
  • UserinMD
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    Hopefully you have a recent backup from before this that you can restore from. If you do, then you need to make sure you are running the latest version of Quicken, and disable all your Schwab accounts for online services. You should also check to make sure that transactions are not automatically downloaded into your register (e.g. you will want to pick and choose which ones you add to the register).

    When you re-enable the accounts, my suggestion (what worked for me, anyway) is to just add one account at a time, rather than selecting all Schwab accounts when the Schwab window comes up. Then link each account to its existing account in Quicken, go through the downloads and transactions window below the register, and delete any transactions that are already matched, accept new ones as needed. Repeat for each account. The ones that don't seem to work yet are any brokerage accounts with options.
  • CaptRon53
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    I have only reconnected my Schwab checking account and am able to reconcile it now. I had to spend hrs
    fixing all the account transfers in and out of the checking account for the last 1 1/2 years that got corrupted. After this experience decided to wait on reconnecting my brokerage accounts and see if Quicken/Schwab can fix the transaction download process.
  • Andrew Jarabak
    Andrew Jarabak Unconfirmed ✭✭✭
    When I reauthorized all my Schwab accounts, I had the same problem. I tried to accept all 800+ downloaded transactions and this screwed everything up. I then restored a backup and then reauthorized the accounts. This time I just patiently deleted all transactions that were downloaded. I then when thru each account on and compared to account. Had to add just a few recent transactions. The only thing I found was wrong was cash balances, so I updated a few of those.
  • cofraz
    cofraz Member ✭✭
    I tried the 37.37 patch mentioned in the "UPDATED 12/2/21 Schwab - Duplicate Transactions" thread and can confirm it does not work. It's still downloading Schwab transactions back to June, when I opened the accounts, and corrupting any other account that has a transfer to/from.
  • cofraz
    cofraz Member ✭✭
    Cross posting from the thread below since it's specifically related to this post. Really hoping this issue is on the list to be addressed

    I tried re-connecting Schwab checking, savings and two brokerage accounts after updating to 37.52. Same results as prior - just running one step update corrupted balances for Synchrony, American Express, Capital One, Citibank and Fidelity accounts. It also changed the checking and one brokerage account balance by incorporating downloaded transactions in the total even if you delete them. Neither matching or deleting downloaded transactions helps. Sent it to Report a Problem again, hoping the data issues will be addressed. Reverting to a backup again and manually entering Schwab transactions until there is another version to try.