Chase Credit Card Not Downloading since early Sept

Larry Ward
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Quicken Deluxe Version 6.4.4 (Build 604.41834.100). macOS 10.15.7
Most Chase banking and mortgage accounts download as done long term. However, credit card in wife's name (for which I have always gotten downloads with her sign-in) since early Sep has not downloaded, also gave no error message! Cannot reset account downloads- in Quicken procedure for this, bank keeps requesting and texting one-time security codes. ?????


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  • Hello @Larry Ward,

    Thank you for choosing to come to the Community with your questions and concerns, though I apologize you are experiencing them. I am going to need further clarification from you if that is alright. 

    When you say that you are unable to reset the account downloads, what exactly do you mean by that? Are you saying that within the account setting, the reset button is not working?

    In regards to your question about one-time security codes, these are sent over directly from the bank. If they specifically state, "one-time security code" then it should only happen once when setting up the accounts downloads. If it is simply asking for a code, then it is requesting this based on your privacy settings on the bank's website. 

    I hope this helps and look forward to hearing back from you on this, thanks.

    Quicken Alyssa

  • Bill17
    Bill17 Mac Beta Beta
    I have what I think is a similar situation. With QMac 6.4.4 (Build 604.41834.100) on Mac OS 11.6.1, every time I update my accounts, Chase asks for a one-time security code for my 2 Chase checking accounts, but not for my Chase credit card. It doesn't matter that I went through the same verification process the previous dozen times I updated, it still asks. This doesn't happen with the release version, only with the Beta. I've tried resetting the connection for the account but it still happens (or I just get a Sync error - general error). I do not have the "send a code every time you sign in" setting turned on in my settings at the Chase website. Thanks for any insight!
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