Tax Planner - 2021 % of AGI for Medical Deductions should be 7.5%

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This is the same question that Karen Vierra asked in December 2020.
Reading that previous thread (closed), it seems it was sort of blown off since some believed the 7.5% of AGI level to be only temporary relief from the 10% AGI floor and that the issue doesn't affect many people anyway.

The current tax planner is still using 10% of AGI.
Since that thread was closed, the 7.5% of AGI level was made permanent law (actually signed before end of 2020). This issue DOES affect me, and others I'm sure, as year end tax situations and options are explored.

Probably too late now for a 2021 fix to be of much year end planning use, but maybe we can get this fixed for next year's Tax Planner? Thanks!


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    Good idea.

    I edited you title to show that this applies to the Tax Planner.
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