Regions Won't Stop Duplicating Transactions

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Like another post in this community, I'm having trouble with Regions recent FITID change. The link they give to fix WINDOWS Quicken transactions is of no help. In the same email they mentioned it was for dates 11/2-11/16

I've tried deleting the entries I've made and keeping the ones that downloaded. Didn't work. It keeps downloading duplicate transactions. I even kept the incorrect categories that downloaded with the dupes and that didn't help either.

Is there some way to change a Mac Quicken transaction so it won't be duplicated?

The weird part is it seems hit or miss. Not the same ones every time. The troubling part is that it's doing it for newer transactions than the previously stated span.

I hope I don't have to delete and re-add the account because I understand THAT causes dupes as well.

Any help is greatly appreciated!



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    Same problem here. Anyone know a way to fix this.
  • I'm having the same issue. This has gone on for well over a week.
  • Same issue, several weeks now. Regions Bank sent out an email saying they'd "fixed" the issue, but every day I get all the previous days transactions again which I have to delete.
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    same problem for me.
  • H4RRY
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    Having this same problem today. It seemed to be fixed there for a few days at the end of November - but it's back today
  • Hello all, 

    Thank you all for taking the time to visit the Community to report your issues though I apologize that you are experiencing this. 

    I am going to need you all to show the FITID columns in your account registers. To do this you can click on one of the affected accounts from the list on the left. Then click on the "Columns" option in the bottom right corner of the register. Check off the option labeled "FITID". 

    Now you can compare the transactions that are the same. If they have different numbers, you will need to call Regions and report the issue. If the numbers are the same, you will need to go to Help>Report a Problem from within your software. This will allow you to describe the issue and send log files over to Quicken. 

    Please update this discussion with your results. Thanks!

    Quicken Alyssa

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    I have talked to Regions multiple times and perhaps have finally gotten to the correct team. I sent them a copy of the OFX log file they requested. This perhaps will point them in the right direction. I'm still not convinced that the issue might still be on the Quicken side but working with Regions now to determine. To display the download number click on the columns to display and select FITID on the mac. Download ID on Windows version.
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    same issue here!!!
  • PapaMurph73
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    +1 ... Same here!
  • jacobs
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    If the FITID numbers are different for the duplicated transactions, the problem is 100% with the financial institution, because they are the ones generating and sending the FITID numbers to Quicken. Regions customers need to continue to contact them -- and to reach someone who understands Quicken/Intuit/QFX downloads -- to press them on fixing this issue. 
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  • Matt HHHH
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    who at Regions should i contact? This is becoming very toxic to my Quicken dataset.
  • jacobs
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    @Matt HHHH I don't know who to contact at Regions. I'm a fellow Quicken user, and I am not a Regions customer. I would call their support center, and ask to be transferred to someone who understands or is the bank's expert with Quicken/Intuit/QFX downloads. It may be hit-or-miss whether you'll get to someone who truly understands these issues and can help look into it; you may need to try calling back at another time to see if you get someone who can help. But rest assured someone at that bank knows how QFX downloads work from their side, and it's just. matter of whether you can get connected to the right person.

    Depending on your volume of transactions with this bank, another option might be to temporarily disconnect downloads and enter your transactions manually for awhile to see if a fix gets implemented. If you have 30-50 transactions a month, entering them manually for the next month is really not a big deal, and will probably take less time than you've already spent on this issue. Of course, there's no certainty whether this is a known problem that is being worked on or is in the queue to be worked on by the Regions IT people, so you could take a month off from downloading and come back to find the same problem still exists. 
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  • Same for me. Is there a fix?
  • Hello all,

    Anyone who is being affected by this issue, please go to Help>Report a problem, from within your Quicken software. Provide a brief description and leave the log files attached. Please submit the report to Quicken.

    Normally Direct Connect issues are not escalated through Quicken but rather through the financial institution. However, the issue has gotten large enough and persisted long enough that I will be attempting to escalate this from our end tomorrow. I will need all the information I can get in order for this to be approved and your participation is appreciated. 

    Please update this discussion letting me know when reports have been sent over so I can gather the necessary information. If you don't see this today, that's ok! I will continue this process throughout the week if needed, so your reports will still be useful. Thank you!

    Quicken Alyssa

  • Hello all,

    Thank you to all who have participated in providing the supporting documents that we needed to get this issue escalated. 

    We do now have an Alert open for the issue. You can use the provided link to view the alert. From there you can bookmark it to stay up to date on the issue. 

    Quicken Alyssa

  • The problem is due to Regions latest update to their web and mobile apps that attempt to clean up transaction descriptions to make them more clear. Previously they would use what they call the “original description” that while not pretty to look at provided more details than these “clean” descriptions. It’s also now harder to distinguish between transactions like CashApp or Square for example because the clean description doesn't contain the full transaction details unless you manually click on the transaction to view the “original transaction”. This also causes the duplicate transactions in financial apps like Quicken. The reason is when a transaction is pending with Regions it is listed using the “original” description but once its posted it uses the “clean” description which causes financial apps to lose track of the previously pending transactions and they end up as duplicates. This is not a Quicken issue and is not only impacting Quicken. It’s impacting Simplifi and Quickbooks I can confirm personally and I have heard from others using other financial software with Regions that they see the same issue starting around mid-November. Regions needs to be pressed to roll back this feature or offer a way for customers to turn it off and go back to using the “original” description for transactions. I’ve tried contacting Regions but they’ve been difficult to contact and get someone who can escalate the issue. Hopefully the efforts here will get their attention.
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