Regions Won't Stop Duplicating Transactions


Like another post in this community, I'm having trouble with Regions recent FITID change. The link they give to fix WINDOWS Quicken transactions is of no help. In the same email they mentioned it was for dates 11/2-11/16

I've tried deleting the entries I've made and keeping the ones that downloaded. Didn't work. It keeps downloading duplicate transactions. I even kept the incorrect categories that downloaded with the dupes and that didn't help either.

Is there some way to change a Mac Quicken transaction so it won't be duplicated?

The weird part is it seems hit or miss. Not the same ones every time. The troubling part is that it's doing it for newer transactions than the previously stated span.

I hope I don't have to delete and re-add the account because I understand THAT causes dupes as well.

Any help is greatly appreciated!