Another "can't select multiple transactions" discussion

I can't select multiple transactions in a register. I know Q supposedly follows Windows convention of selecting multiple with shift select and ctrl select. I think this has worked for me at times in the past, but is not working now. I use a Windows subscription.

I have seen posts where others report this problem, but have not found a solution. Is there a reason this happens? (Is there a setting to check?)


  • Chris_QPW
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    Are you in an investment account?
    Investment accounts don't support multiple select because of the fact that it is old nonstandard, complicated code that they don't want touch for fear of breaking more than the fix.

    But you can do some multiple selecting/editing by selecting the gear icon menu and then Edit Multiple Transactions.
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  • Cooper96
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    Bingo. It is an investment account and I had not seen Edit Multiple Transactions before. Thanks so much!
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