My bank balances don't match what is in my account

I understand that it takes a couple days for transactions to transfer but my balances are all negative by a big number and I am not sure what I did to make everything go negative. I know I am not even close to having a negative amount in any of the accounts. I don't know what I did so I have no idea how to try and fix it... Help please!!


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    I don't know how much anyone here can help you fix something we can't see with only that general description.

    My suggestion is to start by going back to a point in time where things are correct in your account. Do you reconcile the account monthly? If yes, can you go back to last month's reconciliation, or the one before that, and see if everything is still in order. You can open Reconciliation History and it will flag anything which has changed (well, at least since late last year or early this year, when that feature was introduced). Sometimes, a transaction is inadvertently deleted, or edited without you realizing it, and Reconciliation History can help you find those issues.

    Assuming you find the prior month reconciliation is zero and unchanged, then work forward to this month by printing from your bank's website all your transactions since your last statement, and compare them one at a time to Quicken to see where something is different.

    It's hard to help someone troubleshoot issues like this without seeing what you're seeing, but if you can provide more details, we might be able to give more suggestions. Alternatively, you can call Quicken Support during their phone hours, and a Quicken representative can view your screen to see what you're seeing and help you.
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