How to add "Memos" from Amazon (or other sites) into Quicken

I'd like to find a viable way to add memos into Quicken at least semi-automatically. For example, Amazon has all the details of all of your purchases. It would be nice if some of that could be added to the memos field and perhaps other fields like tags. But, to do this consistently, I need it to be something I can do in a few minutes and I've not figure out a reasonable way to do that. Does anyone have suggestions?


  • jacobs
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    There is no automated way to do it unless Amazon includes that memo info in what they pass to the credit card you use, and that credit card passes that info to Quicken tagged as the memo field. Otherwise, I think you just have to do it manually. And for that, I'd suggest it's easier to do as you go along (say, monthly when you reconcile your credit card statement) instead of trying to reconstruct things 6 months at a time.
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  • Perry Smith
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    Yea. I should have searched more. Seems this has come up several times before. Sorry for the duplicate post. Thank you for your help. I'm going backwards in time adding memos. I'm about half way through this year. I'm going to do 2021 and then make it a habit going forward... I hope... we'll see how it goes.

    I am pretty sure Amazon use to let you down load the whole history but that feature is gone now.
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