Linking Mercury checking account

Mercury is not listed as a bank name in Quicken. I've been told by Mercury customer support others have been able to link Quicken to Mercury but they wouldn't tell me how but to contact Quicken. Please let me know how to link Quicken to Mercury bank.


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    Mercury is not included in the FIDIR list so it does not support Quicken.  Perhaps the customer support person you talked with misunderstood Quickbooks for Quicken.  Mercury's website says it does support Quickbooks.
    Mercury will need to contract with Quicken before they will be added to the FIDIR list and we can download from Mercury.
    If Mercury allows you to manually download transactions in QIF, OFX (Money), CSV or Excel formats you might be able to use a converter app which can modify those files into something Quicken can import.  There is a good freeware converter (ImportQIF) that you can read up on and download from  It was developed by a long time Quicken user and a very active participant in this Community.  I haven't used it myself but many others have said it works quite well.

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