Does anyone have issue of transactions in the WRONG section in Income/Expenses by Category Report

I created "Income & Expenses by Category" from the Reports->Spending menu, To my disappointment, I found a few expenses transactions (e.g Medical) showing up under the INCOME section while most of the transactions of the same category (e.g. Medical) correctly under EXPENSE section, When I clicked the (e.g. Medical) amount in both sections of the category trying to find what are the each transactions, both display the SAME list of transactions and total amount.

I also have income transaction (such as Salary) showing under the EXPENSE section.

They are NOT split transactions and I had validated in the Category List that the "Type" and "Group" are in the CORRECT Income and Expenses according.

I spent over 2 hours with 2 different online chat support staff, They were useless.

Can someone help ?


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I think you're going to have to post some screen shorts of what you're seeing, both positive and negative.
    The immediate instinct is that you have a Category that should be an expense item set up in Quicken as an income item and an income item set up as an expense.  If that's the case then the "misplaced" amounts should be showing up as negative numbers in the report, but you don't mention how they actually appear.    Your example - the reference to "e.g., Medical" -  doesn't support that thesis of Categories being set up improperly so somebody needs to really look inside your Quicken data.
    "Chat" is basically useless for any question more complicated than "is it Tuesday" so I suggest you contact Quicken by phone and allow them to screen share.
  • Wellieh
    Wellieh Member
    Thanks Tom, The "Medical" example used contains transactions of all of my medical expenses' amount spent on various medical items such as prescription, fee, services, etc.

    I had carefully checked all 2021 medical expenses transactions and the amount were correctly entered as under the "Charge" column. I also rechecked the "Type" & "Group" in Category List to ensure that this is correctly setup as Expenses type under the Expense Group.. I then created the same report just for 2021 and still have the same problem.

    In this case, I'll have to spend some long distance call to make a support phone call next week as you suggested.

    Thanks again for your prompt reply
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