How can I print previous reconciliation reports in the most recent quicken for windows desktop?

Checking Reconciliation report shows zero balance, but the reconciled balance does not match the check register


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    Go to the register, and select Reports -> Banking -> Reconciliation

    But note the reconcile report is always what the current state of the register is.
    You can limit the report to a certain date, but that isn't going to show the register as it was on that date.

    Going back in time for a reconcile report is pretty useless in my opinion, one would need to save the report as it was done in the past.

    Note if the reconcile is failing you need to identify if the problem is because the opening balance is wrong, which implies one of the old transactions got changed, or if the ending balance is wrong, which might be the case if you are reconciling to the online balance and it or its date isn't correct.
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