Problems with Randolph Brooks Credit Union (RBFCU) Online Services

Since the 15th of November my connection to RBFCU has not worked preventing me from downloading my transactions through one step update. I have gone as far as resetting and now deactivating my online connections. Now when I try and setup my online connection I simply get a "Sorry we encountered a problem communicating with RBFCU (its not your fault). Quickens help response was simply we dont control the banks servers you need to contact them. My bank says nothing has changed on their end. Seeing the latest updates that quicken is updating their communication processes and the issues with Charles Schwabb I strongly suspect Quicken is at fault but they clearly don want to help. Its also odd that Quicken is not prompting me to enter my secret question required for access. Is anybody else having the same issues - Any suggestions.


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    The Charles Schwab situation is a self-inflicted issue.  They changed their connection protocol and it has proven to be a big issue for many Schwab customers.  It is not an issue that affects other financial institutions.
    You might want to read the following Support Article:  Since this issue has been occurring for nearly 2 weeks the article is pretty clear:  Contact Quicken Support.
    RBFCU offers Express Web Connect (EWC) downloads.  In general (not always), EWC connection issues are something that Quicken has responsibility for....which is why that Support Article says to contact Quicken Support.  When getting a CC-5XX error code and/or "it's not your fault" error message for a single financial institution and for more than a couple of days it indicates there might be an issue with Quicken's or the Aggregator's server that we cannot fix.  If that is the cause, it requires Quicken Support to "flip a switch" on the server to fix the issue.

    (QW Premier Subscription: R49.29 on Windows 11)

  • Thanks Boatnmaniac I saw that support article and it is why I contacted quicken support initially and was simply told they had no control over the RBFCU servers and that I should contact the bank directly as it was an issue on their end. I will try Quicken support again.
  • Dan T
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    I have the same issue and it has been ongoing. Quicken support was not helpful and RBFCU said it was not their issue.
  • Hi Dan T sort of glad to hear it's not just me. My problem is ongoing too. I spend a long time with tech support and they could not get to the bottom of it. They remoted into my screen and saw the error and said it didn't make sense. Took copies of the logs and eventually they went to the technical team who suggested I change my password and secret question at RBFCU and that should fix the issue. I did that but still the same problem. I have resorted to doing manual updates by exporting data from RBFCU into a quicken format as I really don't have time to spend another couple of hours working through this with Quicken support.
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