Schwab Cash/Checking Showing $0 Balance -and- Re-auth has created 2 new accounts

bhinkston Member ✭✭
@Quicken Sarah Thanks for your other discussion items on this topic.

I have ... after hours ... seem to have now solved the download issue with Schwab Investment Accounts, my Citibank and Capital One accounts ... yea!
The Schwab Cash/Checking Account still shows $0. And, another symptom I have is that the many times I worked to get the re-authorization in place seems to have created two new Schwab Cash/Checking Accounts with zero balance and no transactions.
In a previous post you said this is a known issue and its being worked ((Ticket #9015375)... I have subscribed to that discussion item. But, to add to that, I wanted you to know that two new accounts were created ... which I WILL NOT DELETE ... until I see things working again.
Finally, One Step Update was giving me a partial update for only some accounts. That seems to have been fixed over the weekend. All accounts are showing a status update.


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