Vanguard fund ticker VIMAX doesn't update

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For the past two days, Vanguard Mid Cap Index Fund Admiral Shares ticker VIMAX hasn't updated it's price in my Quicken Deluxe Windows 36.45.  All other quotes seem to update just fine and download the correct price.  

Funny...because it updates just fine in my Quicken Mac 6.4.4.

And yes...I have VIMAX set up to download quotes in Quicken Windows.  


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    I just added VIMAX to the Watch List in a test file, and as of 6:30PM EST on 11/30 it has prices for 11/23, 24, 26, 29, and 30 as expected. The 11/30 price is $304.74.

    Are these dates missing from the VIMAX price history for you, or are they present but incorrect?

    Make sure the Download Quotes box is checked for VIMAX in your Security List. You must also either hold shares or have the Watch List box checked or a security's prices to download.

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    1 The VIMAX price is missing for yesterday and today.  All other security prices, including over a dozen from other Vanguard funds are present and correct.

    2 As I stated, the Download Quotes box is checked for VIMAX.  I even unchecked it and re-checked it.  It's also checked in the Watch List to download prices.  

    3 I own the fund in multiple accounts and have active shares of that fund in all of those accounts.  

    Next suggestion? 
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    Hi @garysmith87,

    I, too am receiving current prices for VIMAX.  Since you are not, and since you are receiving quotes for other securities, I would suggest that you consider doing some datafile troubleshooting (i.e. validate and repair sequence).  Here's a LINK to some guidance on that, however make sure that you backup your datafile before you begin.

    Let us know how that goes.


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    I validate my file about every month.  It hasn't found anything in eons.

    I think, instead of waiting just after the market closes, I'll wait another hour or two and try downloading quotes then and see if that makes a difference.  

    As I said, it works perfectly fine in Quicken Mac downloading quotes at almost the same time.  
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    Can you manually enter a price and get it to stick?  

    Since this behavior just recently started, it seems immaterial the you have gotten good validations in the past. I don’t understand the hesitation. 
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    I can manually enter the price...and it does stick.  But that kind of defeats the purpose of having a Quicken subscription that's supposed to automatically download valid security prices with valid security tickers. If I wanted to manually enter security prices, I wouldn't have to pay Quicken to do so.  

    I don't understand the second paragraph of your response.  
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    That a manual entry sticks lessens the possibility that the problem is in the price-history part of your file.  Some users have at times lost the ability to get any prices added to a price history record for a specific security because of damage to that specific security's price history data.  That does not now appear to be your case.  I was not suggesting manual entries as a workaround.  

    My second paragraph was commenting on your reluctance to run the validation routine now.  Sounded like you were saying - It has never been broken before, so it is not broken now.  Or, so I don't need to check if it is broken now.  

    Outside of your timing possibility (waiting a bit longer), I am not coming up with anything.  And even the timing aspect -- by Tuesday afternoon/evening, Monday's close would have been readily accessible even it Tuesday's was not yet, so it would seem to be something well beyond waiting a couple of hours.  
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    Worked tonight (4:30 MST).  
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