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Hi, I am looking for an easy way to print off all my accounts showing their names, the institutions they are held at, the account numbers and the current balances. The reason is that in the event I pass away/am incapacitated I want to have a periodic print out that shows my estate to know what I have (globally not just in the US) without having to spend huge amounts of time searching. Note: I intend to be a Quicken customer for many many years so its more to put my mind & my wife's to rest!


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    Quicken includes an Emergency Records Organizer, which does pretty much what you are requesting. You can access it by going to View and selecting Classic menus, then it is at the bottom of the Property and Debt menu. It is a separate application that is installed the first time you select it from the menu.

    Unfortunately te ERO is woefully out of date. I think it loads your account information when it is first installed, but after that you must enter any changes manually.

    It would certainly be nice if the ERO were updated.
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    Ctrl-A will bring up the account list. Options allows you to control what is displayed. If you put the account number in the Description field for the account, that can be included. 

    With all the desired information optioned in, click the printer icon to get a printed report. 
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    As @q_lurker stated, you can use the Account List view to generate the report you are interested in.
    Click the Options button in the view to customize the report columns that you would like to see. You may have to drop or add some columns to make the report fit on 8.5*11" landscape paper.
    Using the Option to "include additional info when printing" will include the financial institution name and the account number in the printed report, among other info.
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