Latest release fiasco

I am extremely frustrated with the latest series of releases. It has broken 6 of my financial download connections and caused me to re-add accounts which then download hundreds of historic transactions which, due to Quicken's inability to delete multiple downloaded transactions at a time, has consumed over 6 hours of my time. That includes 2 hours with a support call that yielded no help whatsoever. Not even Microsoft, Salesforce, Adobe, et al. have as many bug fix releases as you guys do. It makes me wonder what kind of coding talent you really have let alone what level of qualify control on your software testing and release processes.


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    Exactly WHAT release (by number) are you talking about?
    Exactly WHAT problems have you had with that release?
    What's your "Membership Valid Thru" date? This is found at HELP, About Quicken.

    As is, your message is so vague that no one here can help you.

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    Exactly WHAT release (by number) are you talking about?: R37:37
    What's your "Membership Valid Thru" date?: 1/3/22
    Exactly WHAT problems have you had with that release?
    -Through One Step Update - TD Ameritrade, AMEX, PayPal, Chase, Voya, Venmo, Huntington ALL stopped working with nothing but a simple message saying error. Had to re-add each account. Did this twice with TD and Voya accounts and STILL DOES NOT WORK. On top of that, Quicken downloaded +1000 historic transactions even though I had linked the accounts to existing accounts. What a pain in the !!! Would be nice to add a feature allowing you to delete multiple downloaded transactions instead of one at a time.
    -My workaround now is to uncheck TD and Voya from One Step Update as it does work if I update directly from the TD and Voya accounts.
    -While I'm at it, sure would have been nice if your company had coordinated with Charles Schwab like other software companies do with their biggest partners. Your tech support line said you were overwhelmed with support calls and rushing out another release. Hence this latest release which (I might be wrong) came our within days of the prior release.
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