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I have several transactions that will include the vendor name but might add some code at the end. So, for example, Transaction 1 VendorABC_123 should go to Category Home. Transaction 2 VendorABC_890, these 2 transactions are for the same vendor this should also go to Category Home.

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    First, let's clarify that there are two different types of rules in Quicken Mac, and they can be used together. Renaming Rules are used to rename or normalize a Payee name. QuickFill Rules are used to apply a Category and/or tag and/or memo and/or split to a transaction for a Payee.

    So you typically want to think of it as a two-step process: first fix the name to something consistent, then have a rules to categorize based on the consistent name.

    There are no wildcards in Quicken Mac Renaming Rules. As long as there's some delimiter between the key part of the Payee name and the useless stuff, you can create a renaming rule. But if the financial institution mushes everything together with no spaces, punctuation or special characters, you're out of luck.

    So "Lowes ABC_123" can have a renaming rule for "Lowes". 

    And "LowesABC_123" can have a renaming rule to change "LowesABC" to "Lowes" or "Lowes ABC"

    But "LowesABC123" cannot have a renaming rule to pull out Lowes.

    So in your example, you could create a Renaming Rule to change Payee Contains "VendorABC" to "VendorABC". This would result in "VendorABC_123" and "VendorABC_890" both being changed to "VendorABC". The key in your example is the "_" character in the downloaded name.

    Then you'd create a QuickFill rule for Payee=
    VendorABC to be assigned the Category "Home".
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