ATTENTION: Password protected Quicken backup files are NOT protected at all.

I encountered a serious security issue with Quicken backup files today:
When I restored a password-protected a *.QDF-backup file, the file was restored successfully, however, it did not ask for my password, and the restored file was saved without any password protection. I tried again on several other previous backup files and experienced the same.
This is a serious security issue that everyone should be aware of, and Intuit must resolve!!!
I contacted Quicken Support, and the person could only offer advice that I can delete all by previous backup files if I want to protect my confidential information. I'm very disappointed.

The reason I came across this issue was because somehow Quicken did not recognize the password on my Quicken file, thus as a test, I tried to apply the password onto the backup files. But it turned out that Quicken did not ask for the password at all and was able to restore the files anyway.

The version that I use is Quicken Premier Subscription, Version R36.45, Build, Windows 10 Enterprise.


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    Note Intuit hasn't owned Quicken since 2016, Quicken Inc is the name of the new company.

    I'm sure what the problem is I did do a test on a backup file with a password, and it created the copy QDF, that when I went to open it asked for the password.
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