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How to get a six month transaction report listed chronologicallynk accounts

RShaw Member ✭✭
How to get a six month transaction report listed chronologically, not by categories and for only one of my two bank accounts.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    You can do this from your account register or by defining a report. The register approach is very simple:
    • Click on the account in the left sidebar
    • Pull down the "All Dates" filter above the register to Custom Dates (at the bottom of the drop-down menu) and enter the starting and ending date you want
    • Click the Date heading to insure the transactions are sorted in date order. Click it a second time if you want the report in the reverse order.
    • Select File > Print (or Command-P), and make sure Transaction Detail is selected in the pop-up menu
    This gives you a list of your transactions for just the one account, in date order. But there's a downside: any transactions which have splits will show all the split lines. Since you may not want that, the can instead create a Report...
    • Select Reports > Create Transaction Report
    • Select Row = Account
    • Click Continue to Customize
    • Set Date Range to Custom Dates, and enter your desired starting and ending date
    • Click on the Accounts tab
    • Select "Selected Accounts"
    • Click Clear All
    • Click on the one account you want included in the report
    • Click OK
    This will give you a report of all transactions in the selected account during the selected date range, sorted in date order, without showing splits. You can add a column, such as Notes, if you wish, by clicking on View > Columns at the top of the report. 

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  • RShaw
    RShaw Member ✭✭
    Thanks you so very much. This is what I needed.
    Whoa - I tried t print account activity from 5/30/2021 to 12/3/2021 and ALL of my account data disappeared. How do I retrieve the data?
  • RShaw
    RShaw Member ✭✭
    I shut everything down and tend restarted it. Now it does not recognize my Password. What is going on?
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