Capital One - Need to reauthorize Bank Access

Thom Ianniccari
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All of a sudden Quicken is saying the bank access needs to re-authorized. I went through the steps half a dozen times and it says successful, but when I go to download transactions from Capital One i am told to reauthorize. What is the problem?


  • Jim_Harman
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    What version of Quicken are you running? Go to Help > about Quicken and let us know what it says there.

    Some of these issues have been addressed in a recent update.
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  • Thom Ianniccari
    Thom Ianniccari Member ✭✭
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    Jim, I am fully updated and spent an hour on the phone with support last week and they said wait 48 hours and try again. No such luck. Based on the conversations I see here, [Removed -Speculation] I would think they are in touch with the bank's support team to figure it out.
  • smidp2
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    I have been having the same issue for quite a while now. I am also current with updates. As a workaround, I edit the account and "Reset Account" under the Online Services tab which requires/allows me to reauthorize my 2 credit card accounts and then it performs the download at the same time. But, is this being worked on by quicken? Even if it's a Capital One issue, Quicken should be working with them to resolve. This is why I signed up for the subscription. Thank you.