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  • hansenb40
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    @Quicken Alyssa Progress I guess, I can add the Penfed accounts now, but I transactions are not being downloaded. When the accounts were added, it say it would download transactions for various number of days depending on the account. I'm in the process of uploading another set of log files.

    The bad news is that all my online bills disappeared. I have over a dozen of them. I attempted to restore a backup which had them, but that just made things worse. The first update resulted in disconnecting (CC-800) from the roughly dozen credit union related accounts I have. I reset all those, went into the bills & income tab and wanted to verify the bills were correct using 'Review and Repair Online Billers' and it went ahead and told me there were 8 bills missing from the server and deleted them. Gee thanks.

    I ran 'Review and Repair' online billers again, and it deleted a few more. Did it again, it removed a few more. Did it again, you get the idea until eventually I only had two left. So I deleted those and added each of the 14 bills back and linked them to my reminders. Updates seem to work, including updating bills, but I now have 3 institutions that state the bill has been added, but your next amount is not due. Penfed is one of those, so now I don't have 3 of my penfed bills. Not sure if this will ever get updated. I don't dare run Review and Repair again. I also lost a buch of statements as it appears only the last one was downloaded for many of the accounts.

    This reminds my of when I actually tried to use synch and web about 6 months ago between my phone and desktop. It couldn't keep things straight when synching between devices, trashed my online bills. I turned it off, never to return. Looking at what happened recently the synch feature seems to be required as your keeping data about my accounts on the server and using this as the 'authoritative source' of my information rather than my local data file.

    I'm very invested in quicken. You call tell that I signed up to be a beta tester. I don't dare actually do it, because basic function (bills etc), seems too be unstable to be a reference point for testing.

    Apologies for the vent, you're being very helpful and I do appreciate it. I spent 2 1/2 hours last night 'fixing' my data. If you could forward this along to folks that could facilitate some sort of change to help with the stability of this product it may help. I've been using this product for over 20 years. I just seems as of late as the new features roll out things are getting worse.

    One more request; If you could point me to some information on the basic architecture of this product. Such that I can understand what the cooperating components are. This will help me with why 'Review and Repair' goes ahead and deletes things without trying to fix your servers information.

    Thanks Alyssa, I guess you get to escalate this with the others having the same issue.
  • BobFoery
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    I am at the point where I'm considering closing my PenFed accounts. I have been a Quicken user for 34 years. Over the past 2 years, Quicken downloads stop working several times a year for days/weeks at a time. I have never had these issues with my USAA accounts.
  • dougmoyer
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    Quicken? Is there any resolution in site????
  • mhawrysko
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    @Quicken Alyssa Addendum to my previous post. I followed the steps to migrate data and lost all my Penfed accounts. My Huntington accounts remained but were extremely outdated. I deleted my Huntington accounts and was able to log in and add them all back fairly easily. I had to download all my Penfed accounts manually and am still at the CC-501 error. **Note that prior to trying the migration I have been unable to connect to Huntington and was doing a Web download from inside my account and manually importing.
  • Jjazz
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    It's been close to a month that my PFCU accounts have not downloaded translations. For 3 weeks I was getting a 501 code then it changed to a 503 code. Now the accounts say they are updated but I've yet to get a translation to download. I has updated the account balances, but they are incorrect. If I go online to the bank I can see multiple translations that have not updated in my quicken account.
  • Fred3
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    I checked this page on your website:
    RESOLVED 12/16/21 Pentagon Federal Credit Union Returns CC-501, ccscrape.163/FDP-163 Error

    It says the penfed problem was fixed on Dec 16. I am still getting the same CC-501 error on Dec 20.

    When will it be fixed?
  • Christopher Reed
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    edited December 2021
    @Quicken Alyssa I followed the migration procedure you outlined twice but still get the same result: 501 Error. In instruction 12 it states: "12. Go to File and click on file #2 at the bottom of the list, right above Exit." FYI this file is "Quicken18Feb2019Cpy" which you had me delete. Should I be using the "TEST" (now "TEST2") file? Is anything done with this TEST file that I am somehow not understanding from your instructions? I will Upload log files and report errors again.
  • dhenderson67
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    Has anyone successfully downloaded any transaction this month?
  • PricklyPete
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    Not me. And I've tried daily. Three accounts at Penfed.
  • Kenr43
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    @Quicken Alyssa I don't get an error when updating my Penfed file, but none of my transactions are downloaded. I've submitted log files via the quicken app.
  • Krakat
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    I submitted a report with log files on transactions not being downloaded, but balances are being updated. 
  • Kent Kester
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    I have reset multiple times and while I don't get an error message, I never get updated transactions. I hope that our friends at Quicken can fix this.
  • Kent Kester
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    No errors but no transactions being downloaded in spite of the accounts being reset multiple times. Please fix this!
  • Kent Kester
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    No errors but no transactions being downloaded in spite of resetting accounts. Quicken--please help!
  • Khemo
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    > @PricklyPete said:
    > Not me. And I've tried daily. Three accounts at Penfed.

    Same for me. I also have 3 accounts at PenFed. I can reset the accounts and no longer get error CC-501. My accounts say that they downloaded data today, but no data has been downloaded this month for any of the PenFed accounts.
  • Khemo
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    > @Khemo said:

    > Same for me. I also have 3 accounts at PenFed. I can reset the accounts and no longer get error CC-501. My accounts say that they downloaded data today, but no data has been downloaded this month for any of the PenFed accounts.

    It also isn't updating the PenFed account balances.
  • AllenW
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    Just adding what I've tried recently:

    I created a new Quicken test data file
    Added only my PenFed accounts
    It found all accounts and added them into Quicken (balance only, no transactions).
    Web Sync was enable and I could also see the accounts and balances on the web as well.
    So Quicken *can* connect to PenFed when I try a new Quicken data file.

    Closed out the test data file.

    Re-opened my normal Quicken data file
    Tried adding my PenFed accounts
    It gave me a CC-501 error

    I'm not sure why it's data file specific, but that's what I've seen.
    It happens even if I enable Web Sync (I typically have this disabled).

    I did a "Report a Problem", who knows if that will do anything.
  • Smart_VAH
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    @AllenW - Exactly my experience/encounter. Earlier in this thread, Moderator Alyssa had suggested that my data file failed to migrate to the new servers, and perhaps fell foul of the specific rules (between the pre- and post-migration servers). Yesterday, under Escalation Team/Support guidance, there were a couple of patches (MondoDB, for example) that were applied. The cloud-based data file (for Pen Fed accnts) was reset/corrected/validated (Tkt #9077185, and 9078744) according to their procedures. Long story shortened, the error CC-501 was taken care of, but replaced with CC-800, which is still under investigation. We attempted to download transactions from a restored backup of approx 3 months old (instead of much more recent times; validated + repaired, etc), but download of transactions was not successful. Fortunately, in my case, web-sync was only for the Pen Fed accnts, which in hindsight, was a lucky situtation to tackle! I hope the data base managers and network experts come up with a robust resolution.
  • Greg Brown
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    Ditto haven't been able to connect for several days...
  • Iyaun
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    I'm not really sure why Quicken's process to download transactions from Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PFCU) is broken. But here's what I did find: When I download transactions directly from PFCU into Quicken, the value of the Customer ID field automatically updates to something that's not my Username. There may be misinterpretation of what the value of the Customer ID field should be. I'm not sure where the break happens, but the mix up seems plausible as to why this process for PFCU transactions is broken. I don't have this problem with other accounts.
  • Kent Kester
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    In spite of resetting my account multiple times, I do not get any transactions downloaded from Pentagon Federal. No error messages--just no transactions.
  • Krakat
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    When my scheduled updates run I get a CC-503 error password not correct.  Well it’s correct. I run update again for my Pentagon accounts and it updates the balances, but no transactions.
  • mhawrysko
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    @Quicken Alyssa and anyone else with similar findings - I created a new file then added accounts. I was able to add all my PenFed accounts and balances (no transactions were downloaded), I also was able to add all my other accounts for other banks AND transactions, including 401k accounts. I CANNOT download and import (PENFED ONLY) the *.QFX Files into the Penfed accounts. I have to import them as *.QIF to bind the transactions to the accounts then manually 'c' clear the transactions. I have reset my cloud data several times, deactivated/reactivated, etc. Hope this helps Quicken Developers troubleshoot. My guess is there is a mismatched name/id on the import scripts somewhere.
  • Diane E.
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    Myself as well. This is getting old.
  • geckocaptain
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    agreed. What is the point of having "One Step Update". The "fixes" outlined in posts above are a recipe for disaster.
  • TheBeak
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    This has been going on for weeks with PFCU which was working well until there was a Quicken update several weeks ago. I have no desire to chat, send files or anything else again - it has proven to be a complete waste of time. Quicken has gotten slower, slower and slower to do anything over the past several years. The "One Step Update" does not download PFCU accounts and I have to go to PFCU and download the files directly - I MUCH PREFER THE OLDER WAY before Quicken "fixed it". Today the "One Step Update" will download USAA accounts, but just keeps "Processing data" from my other bank/financial accounts and NEVER DOWNLOADS ANYTHING! It does not download my PFCU, Chase or any other account. The little wheel mouse keeps going around and around to make one think that something is actually happening but absolutely NOTHING happens as if no one is at home - really getting pissed off! I am just waiting for Quicken to screw up with USAA for me not not be able to download anything from USAA. Quicken needs to get its act together with PFCU! After waiting 10 to 15 minutes Quicken finally notified me of a PFCU 501 error and ALSO did not download Chase or any other accounts. Notified of a "NEW QUICKEN VERSION" available today - these problems started with PFCU three or four "NEW QUICKEN VERSIONS" ago! I wonder how much slower Quicken will become after installing the new version.
  • Jim_C
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    Still very much not resolved. Download appears to work, but no data is transferred. We are going through one of the busiest times of the year for most in transactions and can get timely support to resolve this issue. I have submitted multiple log files and data. What is the ongoing issue and how can we help get it resolved?
  • Krakat
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    What version are folks on? My version on Windows 10 is R37.52 build  When I went current mondo patch update it is 36.56.  My computer with version number is on left.  Mondo patch website info on right.  Is the issue when they released version 37.??  I don’t know this but why is update version 36.56, but my computer is 37.52, Version 37 bad and they pulled? Frustrated that this has been weeks. No real response from Quicken. Please Quicken provide guidance on what’s going on. Acknowledge there’s a problem!
  • PricklyPete
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    Pretty disappointing response from Quicken so far. 2 Weeks and still there. I guess this is what you get when you have no competitors.
  • garysmith87
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    Pretty disappointing response from Quicken so far. 2 Weeks and still there. I guess this is what you get when you have no competitors.
    Do you really need me to list competitors to Quicken?  Just do an internet search.  There's tons of competition.  

    Quicken is still the gold standard in personal finance software.

    Complain to PenFed for changing their server security and not informing and working with Quicken.

    PS.  This is not the first time PenFed's had an issue with Quicken...or Mint...or other personal finance aggregators.  One of my happiest days was when we refinanced our mortgage and closed our mandatory checking account with PenFed.  It was constant issues getting transactions to download to Quicken.  And their website is a joke.  
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