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I opened Quicken today and voila; I am now asked to reconnect to about 50 of the 70 financial accounts I have set up.

This is not the first time, last month same thing and after reconnecting everything over a period of one month; it happens again.

Quicken Mobile is also problematic.  Not all accounts show up, frequently investment accounts do not show up.  Also frequently transactions cannot be seen.  It is really a mystery, but worse - making the core product almost unusable.

Quicken support says there are problems with no fixes, but why after such good incremental growth is the program suddenly disastrous?

I tried Simplifi for one month - same problem - cannot access financial accounts.  Quicken support says they are being blocked by the financial institution.  That may be trued, but program is then useless.

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    From a pure Quicken Windows observer I have to wonder where the problem is.
    I haven't seen any other Quicken Mac user posting that they are losing connections once a month.
    And for that matter other than the disastrous Charles Schwab conversion I haven't seen any Quicken Windows users complain of this.

    Now sync to Mobile/Web that has always been a problem child on the Windows side.

    As far as the financial institutions are concerned whether you consider it your problem or not, the financial institutions have no standard on how to get transactions, not to mention they block access at times.  I have used several "aggregators" and found none to be able to deliver 100% error free to all the financial institutions I had, and that is few of them.  I can't even imagine trying to maintain 70 different accounts.  I use have just three Express Web Connect accounts/financial institutions (called Quicken Connect on Quicken Mac) and I was seeing at least one of them throwing errors at least once every couple of months.
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    Thank you for your reply. I too have not seen any other Quicken Mac use posting the need to reconnect so many accounts all at once. Hence the reason I posted to the community. Maybe my use of Quicken for MAC extends beyond its capabilities. But it does work in between these failures,, and works well for about 3 weeks. Then the reconnect problem surfaces.

    I do not think, however, that this problem is not known to Quicken Support. I telephoned for help and they acknowledged or perhaps resorted to stating that the programmers are aware that there is a program error that is causing accounts to "drop off" - is this drop off only within the desktop or the mobile web access was unclear.

    Clear to me is that the program is not the financial institutions as so many are requiring this "Reconnect" when it happens on Quicken for MAC.

    I also frequently get messages on Quicken for MAC that the mobile file version is different than the file version on the desktop and that "reset" is required. Of course, then when I "reset" there are many other failures on th emobile file (no investment accounts; no transactions, etc.

    The big problem is that Quicken Support could not help and wanted me to wait a few months while the programmers fix the problem. That leads me to believe I am not taxing Quicken MAC for Desktop but that there is an intrinsic problem, notification to the Community is my aim.
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    Same thing happened to me last week. and also with over 20 accounts. Is not happening every month. but it seems something is slowly degrading and things happen more and more often. and every time I have to reconnect an account, some transactions are re-downloaded. so I have to clean back, up to 5 years. I turned off sync the last time there was a big issue. I don't have time to deal with this so often.
    running OS 12.0.1 (21A559) . and Quicken Version 6.4.4 (Build 604.41834.100).
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    Thank you for your confirmation that this is happening to others (in this case, you).

    I also reported once back to the Community that Investments were disappearing from the mobile and web versions while they were present in the desktop version. The comment was not obvious the same as anything others reported but I reported it anyway to help the community. Then I found elsewhere in the community a little bit later:

    We have received reports that investment transactions are disappearing from the Quicken Mobile and Web apps in Quicken for Mac. Our teams are aware of this issue and are working towards a resolution, though we do not have an ETA on when a resolution will become available.

    It is important not to be discouraged from reporting to the community the issues one has found. Helpful replies are always encouraging. I thought one SuperUser's reply not being helpful but maybe that is my fault.
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    I have not re-entered all of the 50 "RECONNECT" requests that Quicken MAC desktop is requiring. But I did enter about ten. Now, of that ten, I keep getting requests for CHASE, Bank of America and TD Bank to re-enter the userid and password for these online accounts. Even after entering the correct information, the system cycles back to requiring the information to be entered but the cycle never ends and thus no download occurs. I do not know what to do to make the QUICKEN CLOUD process to wrk better.
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    I was finally able to connect to CHASE and TD Bank, but still unable to connect to Bank of America. Also, could not connect to CIBC USA. I will keep things updated. Generally it appears, though, that the aggregator used to connect to bank accounts are not always working on Quicken MAC.
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    Another problem cropped up. As previously noted, sometimes when I sync to mobile from MAC desktop, I get a message indicating that the desktop file is older than the one on Web and I need to either take the file off-line or reset the mobile/web file. Of course when resetting, then I am back to the previous problem that investments no longer show up and transactions no longer shows up on the WEB.Mobile version. This happens at least twice a month for several months. My only thought is that when adding transactions to the Web version, they are not synced back to the desktop file and then, when trying to sync from the desktop file, the message to reset the web file occurs.
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