Manual Entry of Transactions to Move $$ from one account to another

I am one of those guys who likes to pay off my credit card account balances as often as a couple of times per week. This question has to do with the Quicken actions and not with the actual bank actions. When I enter a transaction in my checking account to pay off a credit card bill, the category I use is the actual account, such as [Credit Card Account]. When I start typing in the account info, a dropdown list appears with all the possibilities for my accounts. What I don't understand is why in that dropdown list are all the old, closed accounts as well as the currently used ones? How can I make Quicken stop offering up all those closed accounts? Short of deleting the accounts entirely.


  • Chris_QPW
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    Sorry this one of those nagging problems that Quicken Inc never seems to want to really fix.
    The best you might do is rename the closed accounts so that they sort to the end of the list like put Z_ that front the account name.

    The basic problem is that [Account] is neither an account nor category.  it is a transfer.
    In other words, it is an account name being used in a category field.

    So, if you go to the category list you will see it like this:

    Notice the hide checkbox is grayed out and can't be selected.  So even though it is on the category list, you can't hide it as if was a category.

    If I to the manage hidden account list, I can select the "Hide in Transaction Entry Lists".

    But the lists that they are referring to are "account entry lists".  And the field you are entering into is a "category field".

    Personally, I think that in the category list they should allow you to select hide for transfers and that this should mean not to show these in the category list, but that suggestion have fallen on death ears forever.
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  • volvogirl
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    Don't you enter the same payee name/description on them?  As soon as I start typing in the payee it prefills the rest of the info except amount from a prior one.  Then I can just enter the amount.  You can memorize one to use.  I don't need to enter the category at all.  Go to one of them and memorize it CTRL+M.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

  • John Dozier
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    Thanks, volvogirl and Chris_QPW. I have incorporated both of your ideas. I generally avoid memorization, but this case is worth a try. And, for the offending old accounts, I have prefaced each of them with a ZZ. We shall see.
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