Unable to reconcile account

I'm trying to reconcile my bank account (paper statement) and I get that there are "no uncleared items to reconcile." I have never had this problem previously. Please advise.


  • Miss Owl
    Miss Owl Member
    I get this msg all the time when my checkbook has Reconciled all transaction in that account.
  • NotACPA
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    Things to check.
    1) in that account are there any transactions that do NOT have the "R" in the CLR field?  These are the only transactions that would be eligible to be reconciled.
    2) What As-Of date did you use for the Reconcile?  Was it a date far enough back that all transactions before that date already had the "R"?

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  • Kent Kester
    Kent Kester Member ✭✭✭
    Problem solved--thanks!
  • kaysusan
    kaysusan Member
    How can I make a correction on a reconciled bank statement?
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