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Because of fraud I had to change my Chase credit card number. I'm now trying to update Quicken. I deactivated the existing account, but cannot now reactivate. I connect with Chase via two party authentication, but now my account at Chase says I cannot reactivate. Help!


  • Tom Young
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    I've had to do that twice now with Chase (Amazon card) and haven't had any problems, though I don't use the Chase app or have 2FA enabled.
    Looking at the Chase site they offer these help topics:
    To activate financial management software (like Quicken® and QuickBooks®) and let them access your Chase accounts, go to the person icon in the top right corner and choose "Profile and settings." Then, from the left side menu, choose "AccountSafeSM" and "Desktop apps." Choose "Continue" and "Set it up" to connect the software.
    Multifactor authentication helps us protect your accounts from unauthorized use. Whether you're signing in to the Chase Mobile® app for the first time, resetting your password or signing in from a new device, we want to make sure it's you. To confirm your identity, we send you a notification through the Chase Mobile app, or a one-time code by text, email or phone call.
    Want to set this up every time you sign in on a browser? If you're a consumer or private bank customer, go to "Security & privacy" on a browser or "Security Center" on the Chase Mobile app.
    Maybe disabling 2FA for the moment would help?   Is the Account still showing the Financial Institution as Chase?
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