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I've read through a lot of the Schwab posts and I haven't seen this one referenced yet. If this has been addressed, my apologies - just post a link. I only have a Schwab checking account linked for Schwab auto downloads. When this Schwab change initially hit, I had similar issues that I've read here. Instead of downloading transactions to my existing account, Quicken created a new account and downloaded several years worth of data. Nothing I did could fix that, so I finally accepted it and worked with it as best I could. Updates work and new transactions are downloaded to the new account. However, when i click on the reconcile option, I get a message that says 'You Have Never Downloaded Transactions' and asks where I want to download transactions or reconcile without downloading. Downloading transactions again doesn't change this message. I can reconcile manually, but that's not why I pay Quicken an annual subscription fee. Is there a reason I get this message when Quicken has already downloaded the transactions? Is there a fix?


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    I know of the message you speak of, and why it is usually displayed, but have no idea why you would get it right after a download, and as such I don't have a fix.  But here is the information I do have on it.

    If you haven't run a download in Quicken since midnight (even if that was one minute ago) and start a reconcile it will give you that message.

    But clearly once you have downloaded transactions on that day, this message should go away.

    About the only thing I can suggest (and it is just a wild shot at it) is run Validate and Repair.
    File -> Validate and Repair File... -> select Validate file -> OK
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